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Where to seek out all 9 Archaic Stones for the Says He Who Seeks Stones World Quest in Genshin Impact

Says He Who Seeks Stones is a World Quest that may be accepted from Muning on the entrance of The Chasm in Liyue after finishing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering. He will ask you to gather three Archaic Stones, which might be present in The Chasm above-ground.

However, chatting with him two extra occasions after the World Quest will immediate him to ask for 3 extra Archaic stones every time in trade for Primogem rewards. There are 9 Archaic Stones to gather in complete—here is the place yow will discover them.

What Do Archaic Stones Look Like?

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Archaic Stones are saved inside blue, glowing rocks that seem in The Chasm above-ground. You must assault them with a claymore or Geo Damage to interrupt the outer shell and acquire the Archaic Stone inside.

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Where to Find Archaic Stones in The Chasm

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Reference the picture above for the placement of all 9 Archaic Stones to ship to Muning. Since most of them are positioned on cliffs which might be tough to scale, it is extremely beneficial to choose one stone after which go round in a circle, traversing by way of cliffs as an alternative of land. This will prevent time from climbing mountains.

All of the Archaic Stones’ places are easy and needs to be simple to identify, apart from the one in Fuao Vale. To discover the Stone, head to the Teleport Waypoint in The Surface and undergo the cave beside it earlier than matching your place with the map above.

Completing the World Quest

After acquiring all Archaic Stones, return to Muning to provide him the three he requested for. Speak to him once more to provide him three extra, after which converse to him a 3rd time to provide the final three. You should ship him Stones all thrice to unlock his subsequent World Quest: The Chasm’s Bounty.

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