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Where to farm Knight’s Oath in Lost Ark?

There are tons of various endgame occasions in Lost Ark which you could take part in that yield all kinds of rewards. These rewards can be utilized to buy issues and even craft armor. One such merchandise that helps craft armor units with greater gadgets ranges is known as Knight’s Oath.

Knight’s Oath can solely be farmed whereas finishing Abyssal Dungeons particularly within the goal space of Ancient Elveria. Abyssal Dungeons could be situated in any main hub city alongside Guardian Raids and Abyss Raids and might solely be accomplished as soon as every week.

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How to get Knight’s Oath in Lost Ark

Since Knight’s Oath can solely be farmed within the Ancient Elveria Abyssal Raids, this implies which you could solely acquire it by finishing both the Demon Beast Canyon or Necromancer’s Origin Abyssal Dungeons.

Also, contemplating that it is just one of many anticipated rewards for finishing the Abyssal Dungeon, there’s a probability that it may not drop which means that you’d want to attend till the next Thursday at 5 am EST to strive once more.

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