When does Persona 5 Tactica take place?


Persona 5 Tactic promises us a reunion of the Phantom Thieves. But with the addition of Strikers, we don’t have an exact time frame for when this game will take place. However, it is possible to find out when Persona 5 Tactic It is carried out by looking at past events.

In this guide, I’ll show you when Persona 5 Tactica fits into the timeline between Royal and Strikers. Beware of spoilers for Persona 5 Royal.

When does Persona 5 Tactica take place?

Persona 5 Tactic takes place between second and third semester of Royal. This means that while the Tactica plot is developing, the main Phantom Thieves plot is still going on. However, due to a crucial detail about Kasumi Yoshizawa and Goro Akechi, we can say that Tactica takes place around November.

In a trailer for Akechi and Kasumi’s game, it is shown that Akechi still uses Robin as his Persona. Likewise, the game also calls Kasumi Yoshizawa as Kasumi. This gives us a pretty good idea of ​​when the game will take place.

It’s worth noting that Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa stand out in the time frame. With the two Phantom Thief members representing his false personas, Akechi still wears his detective prince façade and Kasumi is still Kasumi. If this game really takes place after Royal’s third half, that makes things confusing.

However, since Persona 5 Tactic takes place during the events of Royal, it makes perfect sense for Akechi and Kasumi to remain who they are. Akechi has yet to reveal the crazier side of her and Kasumi still doesn’t see herself as Sumire. Kasumi only discovers the truth on January 2, and Goro Akechi only reveals the crazy half of it on November 25. Because of this, the first timeline we can put Tactica on would be around November. Probably before Akechi betrays the Phantom Thieves.

We are not sure if Persona 5 Tactic can be considered canon to the main events. Especially considering it’s time limited. With Persona 5 Strikers, we can at least say it follows Persona 5, so there’s no problem dismissing it as canon. There is no mention of the new member of the group, Erina, or this other world they have been dragged into.

That explains when Persona 5 Tactic It’s going to fit into the timeline. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other Persona 5 Tactic articles here.


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