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What to do with the Big Egg in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

The world of Chrono Cross is suffering from hidden Key Items, and each has a really particular goal. While most are used to advance the story, just a few of the objects you will discover are vital for buying one of many recreation’s many non-obligatory characters. One such Key Item is the Big Egg, which can be utilized to recruit an cute new child dragon named Draggy, although provided that you understand how to make use of it. Fortunately, we’re right here to assist—this is what to do with the Big Egg in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Using the Big Egg to recruit Draggy

Before recruiting Draggy, first, you will want to assist him hatch. To do that, head into Fossil Valley (Another World) and examine the Dodo nest discovered inside to amass a Big Egg. There is not a lot else to do with this merchandise till later, so simply maintain onto it and transfer on for now. Continue to progress by way of the story till you have acquired a ship whereas taking part in as Lynx, then head to solution to Opassa Beach and use the Astral Amulet to be sure you’re in Home World.

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Once that is finished, journey to Fort Dragonia (Home World) and head inside. Similar to Fort Dragonia (Another World), you will have to activate 5 pillars of sunshine earlier than the elevator turns into practical. Upon activating the fifth pillar, experience the elevator down to search out an incubator room with one functioning incubator. Simply open your Key Item menu by urgent Y, then place the Big Egg within the incubator, and Draggy will request to affix the occasion upon hatching.

Draggy’s talents

Draggy wields gloves in battle, utilizing his excessive Stamina Recovery stat to overwhelm his opponents with frequent assaults. His innate factor is Red, the fundamental shade carefully related to hearth and lava, which means he’ll profit the occasion most when going through off in opposition to opponents with an innate Blue factor. When utilizing the Cough Drop tech, Draggy coughs up a small fireball onto an enemy, igniting a pillar of flames beneath them.

On the opposite hand, Draggy’s Cough Mix tech sees spit a fireball onto the bottom, then beat his wings to amplify it and launch a wall of flames towards opponents to deal huge injury. While he is probably not the strongest innate Red character within the recreation, Draggy’s Strength stat and excessive Health stat make him a viable possibility for any group!

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