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Core points of Gamers

What is the most useful skill in Gungrave GORE?

Gungrave GORE offers you many ways to annihilate enemies. But because there’s so much to choose from, you’ll be wondering which skills you should focus on. The first step is to familiarize yourself with all the abilities in the game, so you know what you can do. There are several useful skills in Gungrave GORE that you will use more often.

What skill should I use more in Gungrave GORE?

The most useful ability in Gungrave GORE is Storm Barrage. This ability allows you to fire burst damage in all directions. This is not the most powerful ability, not even close. But there are several reasons why you will be using Storm Barrage frequently.

It is easy to activate Storm Barrage in Gungrave GORE

To activate the Storm Flurry ability, press the fire button four times and wait later. Your Beyond The Grave antihero will start shooting everywhere, and you just need to move the camera. The best way to use it is to create some distance from enemies and start shooting. This can be tricky to handle in close quarters, but it will be a great help most of the time.

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The Storm Barrage ability is a great way to get Beat Points in Gungrave GORE

For the most brutal actions in Gungrave GORE, you need to consistently deal a lot of damage. This is where Storm Barrage comes in handy, as you can quickly get up to 50 Beats, which is a prerequisite for some of Gungrave’s most devastating abilities. That ideal situation, as you’ll take out more enemies and earn much-needed points for lab upgrades after completing the stage.

You can destroy a large number of enemies with Storm Barrage in Gungrave GORE

Storm Barrage acts as a stationary mini gun where you can take down opponents quickly. Therefore, controlling the levels is much easier, especially in large rooms where you can shoot from a distance. That’s important as this ability has one big drawback: you can’t move while shooting. You will stop using the ability as soon as you take a step.

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