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What Is How I Met Your Mother’s Best Thanksgiving Episode?

how i met your mother became known after season 3 for “Slapsgiving”, an annual iteration of combining Marshall and Barney’s slap bet with the holiday. Despite the iconic nature of Slap Bet, however, the series’ first Thanksgiving episode, “Belly Full of Turkey,” was actually better. Without the unrelated gimmick to overshadow the character development, “Belly Full of Turkey” was able to explore the meaning of the holiday, the idea of ​​family, and its characters more than any subsequent attempt.

“Bely Full of Turkey” had three parallel stories; Robin was primarily an observer because she, as she put it, “I’m Canadian. The real Thanksgiving happened over a month ago.” In plot A, Lily and Marshall spent the holidays with Marshall’s family while Lily feared that she had become pregnant. In the B-plot, Barney’s future fiancée Robin and Ted discovered Barney working at a soup kitchen and tried to reconcile that revelation with the Barney they knew. Finally, Ted got stuck in town for the holidays because his company was designing a building for a tobacco company. Through these three premises, the episode explored Thanksgiving in a unique way.

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How I Met Your Mother asked what makes a good family

“Belly Fully of Turkey” discussed the nature of the family. Stuck in Minnesota with the Eriksens, Lily uncomfortably realized the dramatic difference between how she was raised and Marshall’s background, and was forced for the first time to ask if one of television’s most beloved couples was actually compatible, despite his great love for each one. other. Lily was independent and a lover of the fine arts; Marshall’s family expected a conservative homemaker. Would she be trapped in a home that would suffocate her? Didn’t she fit into Marshall’s world, or he into hers?

The episode also asked what makes a truly charitable person. Ted longed to do some kind of good on vacation to balance the evils his company was perpetuating, but he met with constant failure. This feeling was compounded by Barney’s sudden appearance as an exemplary soup kitchen volunteer and the appearance of Ted. The role reversal allowed the episode to incorporate the voluntary aspect of Thanksgiving, a concept explored again in the show’s best Christmas episode, season 6, episode 12, “False Positive.”

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How I met your mother’s new model of family and charity

Why How I Met Your Mother's Alternate Ending Is So Much Better

The first storyline was resolved when Marshall found out about Lily’s pregnancy anxiety and realized they didn’t need to copy their family’s traditions. Rather, they may have “their own ways of horrifying people.” [their] children bring home.” They did so in season 3, starting their own tradition with close friends, some quirky recurring rituals, and their own New York City home. Lily and Marshall had to put parts of their family history aside to be able to move forward together.

Elsewhere, Barney finally found a way for Ted to do some good: buy a homeless man a lap dance at a strip club’s Thanksgiving buffet. The scene was the opposite of the conservative table in the Eriksen house. But despite going against all conventional ideals of family and happiness, the vision of three good friends finding solace in one another: Barney’s volunteer work revealed to be a court injunction, and Robin extending a hand of consolation to Ted as well, it was as happy a sight as any Norman Rockwell image.

“Bely Full of Turkey” explored different types of Thanksgiving and aspects of the holiday that are not often mentioned. It also presented new ideas from the family model. That gave the episode more to say about Thanksgiving and its various meanings than any other Turkey Day plotline on how i met your motherThe nine seasons.

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