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What Happened to Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead

The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” which premiered Sunday, November 20 on AMC.

The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes was taken away by a CRM helicopter in season 9 after blowing up a bridge to protect his people. Despite Daryl Dixon and Michonne’s efforts to find him, he was seemingly gone forever. But the series finale revealed that Rick is still alive in a Civic Republic institution somewhere far away and won’t be coming home anytime soon.

Since Andrew Lincoln left the series in 2018, he has dedicated Living Dead fans wondered where Rick was and why he hadn’t returned to the series despite numerous time jumps. Danai Gurira left in season 10 after Michonne found a clue that Rick was alive. There have been so many theories over the years that Rick would return in the final episode to fight the Commonwealth or at least confirm his fate in a post-credits scene. Thankfully, The Walking Dead he made good on his promise by bringing Rick back to make fun of what he’s been up to and where he’s going to go from here.

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What happened to Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead?

In Season 9, Episode 6, “What Comes Next”, a CRM helicopter named by Anne took away an injured Rick. At this point, CRM was not a major plot point in The Walking Dead universe and it would not be until the spin-off series world beyond. The only thing that was known about CRM is that nobody knew anything. fear of the walking dead had an entire episode dedicated to explaining CRM in the most cryptic way possible, and gave no concrete answers. So what exactly did he do The Walking Dead say about the mystery community?

He didn’t really say anything, which was surprisingly fine. The final minutes of “Rest In Peace” jumped between Rick and Michonne writing letters to their loved ones, urging them to keep going even when all hope seemed lost. Rick walked along a muddy riverbank barefoot, a great way to catch some kind of foot disease, with a bag and his cowboy boots. When he heard a helicopter in the distance, he urgently threw his belongings aboard a boat. A voice from a helicopter yelled, “Consignee Grimes. He has been located and has instructions to surrender.” As Rick angrily gave up, the voice continued, “Come on, Rick. It’s like she told you: there’s no escape for the living.”

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The Walking Dead confirmed that Rick is in the CRM

“Rest In Peace” was still as dark as fear of the walking dead Y world beyond They were about the CRM, but it did confirm that Rick is in the community, and not by choice. The scene revealed that Rick is a CRM “consignee”, which explains the CRM’s obsession with labeling people “A” and “B”. Rick was also using a modified catch pole that Silas used in world beyond when he was working at a decontamination center to clean up large numbers of walkers. Rick’s possession of the gun indicates that Rick is working at one of these centers.

Another important detail was that the voice captured Rick for what doesn’t seem to be the first time. The speaker’s exhausted tone, plus a reminder that “she” has warned Rick about what happens to people who escape, tells viewers that Rick is trying to leave. Obviously, the rest will be revealed in the Rick and Michonne spin-off. But judging by the final moments of “Rest In Peace,” the spinoff could be split into two different timelines, telling Rick and Michonne’s stories separately until they reunite. And so far, it looks like the real spinoff to watch as it will finally answer Living Dead burning questions from fans.

The first 10 seasons of The Walking Dead are streaming on Netflix. Season 11 is currently airing on AMC+.

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