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What Happened to Nightcrawler’s Girlfriend Cerise?

Nightcrawler’s alien girlfriend is a respected ally of the X-Men, and would be a welcome addition if she returned to the Marvel Universe.

The scope of Marvel’s cosmic Universe means there are plenty of alien heroes and villains alike, including some who have even formally joined heroic teams beyond space-based groups like the Guardians of the Galaxy. One of them even found a place (and a romance) with an X-Men spin-off team while briefly on Earth.

Debuting in excalibur #46 (by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Glynis Oliver, and Michael Heisler), Cerise was a heroic Shi’Ar recruit for a mutant team and even a love interest for Nightcrawler. Given the current circumstances of the Marvel Universe, it might even be the perfect time to reunite her with hers former Excalibur teammates, and even potentially rekindle her most famous romance.

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Who is the X-Men’s Shi’Ar ally, Cerise?


Cerise was born on the Shi’Ar world of Shaskofrugnon, quickly becoming a skilled warrior and navigator for a Shi’Ar galactic reach. With her ability to manipulate red energy, the same skill set used by the Kin Crimson nicknamed Hard Skin, she can create all manner of energy constructs and blasts, making her a formidable and adaptable force in battle. Under the command of the brutal C’Efn, Cerise witnessed countless barbaric acts, until she could take it no longer and ordered the death of the entire crew. Her attempt to give herself away from her resulted in her being accidentally thrown across the galaxy and into Earth’s orbit.

There, she encountered Excalibur, quickly convincing them that she was just a traveler stranded on their world. She joined the team and struck up a romance with Nightcrawler, who remained loyally by her side even when she discovered the truth of her previous actions. Sentenced to life imprisonment for her crimes, the then-Shi’Ar Majestrix Lilandra turned punishment into a lifetime of service by her side as an advisor and protector of the throne. She would return to Earth during the events of Maximum security history, helping the X-Men expose the Kree plot to turn Earth into an intergalactic penal colony. After Lilandra’s death, Cerise traveled the galaxy, lending her abilities to the group of Gamora and Nebula (known as the Graces) during the events of Annihilationproving their equality in combat.

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Where in the Marvel Universe is Cerise now?


Cerise eventually returned to Shi’Ar space and resumed her service to the Neramani family, this time on behalf of Xandra, the genetically modified daughter of Lilandra and Charles Xavier. Becoming the child’s protector, Cerise was quick to charge into battle when it was taken from her, allying with the Starjammers, Rogue, and Gambit against the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard. Although she has been mentioned in recent titles such as marauders Y legion of XCerise has not made a formal comeback, despite Xandra’s growing importance as a primary ally to the mutant nation of Krakoa.

The time may be right for Cerise to step back into the spotlight, especially given the unique position the X-Men/Shi’Ar Alliance finds itself in after the discovery of the ancient conflict between mutants and the alien race. Her return could give Xandra another familiar face to turn to in times of danger, and reintroduce a skilled Shi’Ar who can speak to the importance of maintaining alliances with Earth-born forces. She might even rekindle her romance with Nightcrawler. With the X-Men expanding their influence across the cosmos, Cerise’s formal return could be a boon for both the mutant heroes and their space-faring allies in the Shi’Ar Empire.

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