What Happened to Earth in Starfield? (answered)



No matter how many new and interesting planets and star systems there are. Starfield You may have to discover, one can’t help but think of home. This begs the question, what happened? Earth In Starfield. While it’s not the prettiest landscape you’d want to see as your home, it still exists in this universe.

Key takeaways

  • in Earth Starfield There is currently one Barren barren landUnfit for any life.
  • Apart from the planet’s cold shell, it has no atmosphere other than a thin layer of CO2.
  • He was abandoned when his environment began to deteriorate.
  • It is located in Starfield. Solstar System along with the rest of the solar system.
  • After completing you can travel to Earth. Old neighborhood The quest
  • You can find materials like lead, chlorine, and mercury on Earth.
  • Additionally, you can see old landmarks of humanity like the Empire State Building.

The current state of the Earth in the Starfield

Starfield Earth
Earth: Sol Star System (Image credit: Export)

Important: The land in Starfield is an abandoned wasteland covered in a thin layer of CO2.

In your gameplay, you may have already noticed that the human race is scattered throughout the universe instead of settling on Earth. This is because humans have successfully turned the bright blue marble into a pale gray rock. Unfit for any life.

Some other important features of Earth in Starfield are mentioned below:

  1. Unlike the Earth you know now, the Earth in Starfield is one. cold planet.
  2. Its atmosphere is only a thin layer of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  3. The land was labeled uninhabitable for years. 2203.

Can you still visit Earth?

Starfield Civil Star System
Sol Star System (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Important: Yes, you can still visit Earth in Starfield. It is located in the Sol star system.

Can land on you. London Your map reveals nothing but a landmark (or any other landmark you prefer) and a bleak picture of a barren wasteland and the end of humanity.

In an important story mission, Sarah Morgan Explains what happened to Earth in the Starfield. Actually, that’s the real story United Colonies in the Starfield. According to Sarah, humans only had 50 years to move to other planets in the galaxy or face extinction.

How to travel to Earth?

You must comply with certain requirements before starting your journey home. First and foremost, you must have enough fuel. Secondly, you may receive a message stating that you cannot fast travel, in which case you need to complete. Old neighborhood Search before visiting the land. Finally, check yours Ship inventory There is plenty of space to carry stuff and not too much weight.

The steps to reach the ground are as follows:

  1. Open your star map and search. Solstar System.
  2. Set a course for this star system and perform one. Grav Jump.
  3. You can Grav Jump by. Catching X Once the course is set.
  4. Once in the civil system, explore the terrain and land on any landmark of your choice.

What on Earth can you find in Starfield?

Starfield Earth Landmarks
Empire State Building landmark (Image credit: eXputer)

There is only one thing left for you to find on this dry rock. You can find something. references here and there, but they are not very numerous in quantity, nor are they peculiar to the land. There are other, simpler and more efficient ways to access the same resource.

However, some of the materials and resources you may encounter on Earth are as follows:

  • Water
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Chlorosilanes
  • Mercury

Another fun thing to do on Earth is to just walk around and take in the sights. You can travel, explore or visit the former great cities of the Earth. You can stumble upon the ruins of many existing structures as well. Empire State Building either or The Pyramids of Giza.

This concludes my walkthrough of what happened on Earth in Starfield. Although this is a fascinating topic, you should also check out another guide, How to set up a transfer container in Starfield.. If it’s not to your liking, you can always find out more. Major factions in the starfield


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