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What gear is on the market from the Aglaia Raid in Final Fantasy XIV

The Aglaia Alliance Raid is the brand new 24-man raid added in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker patch 6.1. Like all Alliance Raids, it acts as a form of “catch-up raid” for gamers but to have farmed gear from tomestones and Savage Raids. But what gear is on the market from the Aglaia Raid?

The Aglaia Raid gear is named Panthean gear. It is Item Level 590, and because of this, solely barely under the extent of the best present gear, the Augmented Astronomy gear, and the identical merchandise stage because the crafted Astronomy Gear.

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As common, there are Fending, Maiming, Striking, Aiming, Scouting, Casting, and Healing units from the raid. Different components of the gear set drop from every boss within the Aglaia raid, which we’ve listed under:

  • Byregot – Head, Feet
  • Rhalgr – Hands, Legs
  • Azeyma – Body, Feet
  • Nald’thal – Hands, Head, Body, Legs

Since the Aglaia raid is a 24-man occasion, you’re going to have competitors for these gadgets, particularly inside your 8-person alliance. As a outcome, don’t set your coronary heart on getting this gear shortly! Luckily, there’s additionally another nice drops from the raid, such because the Wind-up Azeyma minion, some Orchestrion Rolls, and a Triple Triad Nald Card.

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