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What does the Firepower Mod do in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a deep and sophisticated sport with many various issues contributing to that complexity. One of the extra complicated points of Destiny 2 is Mods. Unique Mods are plentiful, they usually can go on each weapons and armor. However, looking at particular person Mods really makes them a lot simpler to know. In this fast information, we’ll check out the Firepower Mod and break down what it does.

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod, defined

The Firepower Mod in Destiny 2 is a Solar Armor Mod, that means it may be utilized in any piece of armor that has the Solar typing. It requires 4 vitality to be outfitted, and it may be used on a number of armor items directly. This Mods Effect causes you, whereas Charged with Light, to regain a portion of your grenade vitality whenever you use your grenade, consuming one stack of Charged with Light.

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Each piece of armor you may have with this Mod outfitted will give you 15 p.c grenade vitality being returned. Since it may be stacked, because of this the utmost quantity of Grenade Energy you would get again could be 60 p.c. This Mod basically exists to maintain you throwing your grenade as typically as doable.

However, we discover that the advantages of this Mod do not essentially outweigh the downsides. To get probably the most out of the Firepower Mod, it is advisable consistently be choosing up Orbs of Light. This means that you’re oftentimes going out of your strategy to gather these orbs of sunshine simply to get some grenade cooldown. Though in a construct the place grenades are key, this Mod can be important in getting the cooldown beneath management and throwing grenades as typically as doable.

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