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What do you do while you attain tools stage 1370 in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMORPG, which implies you’ll have to do a good quantity of grinding. This additionally implies that there are many actions to do. If you’ve gotten grinded as much as energy stage 1370, it’s possible you’ll be questioning what to do subsequent in Lost Ark.

Once you attain tools stage 1370 in Lost Ark, you’ll want to begin taking over Abyssal Dungeons, particularly the Argos Raid. You ought to not choose regular however as a substitute problem the Raid on the Hard issue. As Abyssal Dungeons can be found as soon as every week, you wish to be sure to choose Hard.

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The Argos Raid will not be simple and can take you a while. You ought to research the mechanics earlier than coming into in order that you already know what to do. Make certain to talk along with your teammates, as you’ll all have to cooperate to finish this Abyssal Dungeon.

Don’t be afraid to as for assist or steerage when within the Raid. It is best to study one thing than forcing your group to wipe and restart. So maintain doing the Argos Raid, and you’ll improve your tools stage if RNG favors you!

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