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What are Silver and Gold bars used for in The DioField Chronicle

Early into chapter one, you might need obtained Silver and Gold bars as rewards throughout your quests. However, The DioField Chronicle doesn’t actually let you know what they’re used for and when they can be utilized. This information goals to offer a solution to this.

How to make use of Silver and Gold bars in The DioField Chronicle

The Silver and Gold bars (generally known as Orichalcum and Electrum in-game) are used to unlock new weapons on the Institute. This is similar shopkeeper who manages the Skill Tree. The Weapons Development menu can be obtainable in chapter two after finishing the Value of Weapon Maintenance sub quest. You may instantly improve Weapon Development to rank two by shelling out 1,500G.

Much just like the Skill Tree, Weapons Development divides its upgrades by unit sort:

  • Soldier: Dagger, Sword, Axe
  • Cavalier: Lance, Claw
  • Sharpshooter: Bow, Gun/Crossbow
  • Magicker: Staff, Wand

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Once unlocked, the particular weapons can be obtainable to buy within the Shop. Orichalcum and Electrum can later be bought from the Shop as nicely when it has been raised to Rank 5. The sub quest for this can be obtainable in chapter 5.

Which weapons to unlock first in The DioField Chronicle

As your most important injury sellers are Andrias and Waltaquin, make investments your Gold bars into Daggers and Staves first. Then, unlock the Sword for the reason that particular Swords enhance protection. The particular Bows enhance one’s Luck stat by a big quantity, making them the right weapon for Iscarion, who could be constructed right into a lethal sniper.

But apart from that, it’s completely wonderful to take a position your sources into the weapons of the characters you utilize typically!

For extra assist with The DioField Chronicle and different technique role-playing video games, check out a few of our different posts right here at Pro Game Guides.

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