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Morris’ blessings are special. loot Chests that provide powerful gear. Hell: Blade Point. These glowing chests start spawning randomly throughout the map. 15-20 minutes In a match, marked with golden circles on the minimap. Morse’s Blessings provide a unique opportunity to obtain specific powers. weapon Like a blood dropper.

Key takeaways

  • In Naraka Bladepoint, Morse’s Blessings are special loot chests that contain many legendary weapons!
  • Keep an eye on the miniature map for glowing gold spheres that temporarily indicate the spread of Morse’s blessings.
  • Quickly run towards enemies before they reach them, and always prioritize. close enough
  • Use movement skills and weapons, such as wielding, to quickly traverse the map Grapple hooksflight, dashes, etc
  • If engaged in combat, try to disengage and run to Morse’s Blessings.
  • The best strategy for players is to position themselves between the two blessings when they spawn.
  • Receive the blessings of Morse. Hell Blade Point After randomly spreading across the map 15-20 minutes.

What is Morse’s Blessing in Naraka Blade Point?

Naraka Morris Blessing Blood Dropper
Via Blood Dropper: Hell: Blade Point

As mentioned, Morse’s Blessings are special loot chests that start randomly spawning throughout the map 15-20 minutes into a match. They appear in pairs, marked by glowing gold circles on the miniature map that indicate their locations.

  • When you approach Morse’s Blessing, you’ll find a glowing chest on the ground.
  • Interacting with it brings up a shop interface that offers free advanced features. weaponaccessories, and consumables for shopping.
  • However, you can only buy 1-2 Randomly selected legendary items before the shop closes.
  • Morse’s blessings are temporary but reappear from time to time. 6 times In a long match.
  • These rare chests provide the only chance to get special equipment like the mighty one. The bloodsucker weapon
  • You’ll need speed and situational awareness to spot Morse’s blessings as they spawn before enemies capture the coveted loot.

Receiving the blessings of Morse

Naraka: To get items from Morse’s Blessings in Blade Point, you need speed and situational awareness. Keep an eye on the minimap for Circles of gold And immediately run to the nearest blessing. use Movement skills And break away from combat to traverse the map faster. Position yourself between the spawns to get to the chest faster.

  1. Once there, quickly grab 1-2 beneficial items from the shop interface before the blessing disappears.
  2. Avoid other players, don’t be late, and Reposition for the next spawn.
  3. With skill and haste, you can secure the special. Legendary loot With the blessings of the short-lived Morse.

Blood Drapers

Bloodripper Spirit Spikes Naraka Morse Blessing
By Bloodripper Spirit Spikes: Hell: Blade Point

Blood Dropper is a legendary. Melee weapons Which can only be obtained with Morse’s blessing in Naraka: Blade Point. The Bloodripper weapon resembles a giant. Crimson Claw and allows players to rip and tear enemies with devastating damage.

  • However, Bloodripper lacks mobility and is best suited for a more grounded, aggressive playstyle.
  • he has. Three basic slash attacks That heavy damage dishes out, with Overhand slash to be the strongest.
  • On basic rare, can deal up to Overhand Slash. Loss of 230 Charge based on time.
  • When maxed out, Blood Draper’s Overhand Slash can critically strike for a longer period of time. 700 damage, providing the ability to hit critical targets quickly.
  • Although difficult to obtain, Bloodripper’s sheer damage output makes it one of the most powerful melee weapons for those able to wield it effectively.

This is from me! I hope now you know how to get the blessing of Naraka Moris. Be sure to check it out Subreddit post You can get these chests to get a glimpse of the aforementioned Bloodrapper’s in-game achievements. Also, feel free to check out our tech. Naraka Blade Point: How to get Hero Coins And Naraka Blade Point: All characters!

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