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What are Contempt Crystals & how do you get them in Lost Ark?

You could have seen, heard of, and even earned Contempt Crystals however do not know what they’re. Don’t fear, as they’re a extra area of interest side of Lost Ark. But they do have a selected use and a exact technique to earn them.

What are Contempt Crystals in Lost Ark?

Contempt Crystals are a useful resource that may be earned by finishing Chaos Dungeons at Tier 2, particularly should you enter the dungeon with low aura. You could discover that you do not initially see anyplace to spend Contempt Crystals. This is since you spend them on the Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange, underneath the two Tier Exchange tab of the store.

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How do you get Contempt Crystals in Lost Ark?

You can earn Contempt Crystals in-game, however they can’t be bought by any official retailers. To get your palms on some Contempt Crystals, you may must go throughout Chaos Dungeons on at the very least Tier 2. The finest means to make sure you get rewarded with Contempt Crystals is to go to the Chaos Dungeons when your aura is lowered to zero.

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