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We Bare Bears Is Jason David Frank’s Best Non-Power Ranger Role

Jason David Frank was loved for his long-running role as Tommy Oliver in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Frank introduced the public to the fan-favorite Green Ranger before he became the White Ranger, and later the Black Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. While he will be remembered as a central member of Power Rangers first and foremost, he had other roles that left their own impact on viewers outside of the franchise.

Frank appeared as a voice actor on shows like cybertron Y transformers. She even guest starred in an episode of Family matters in 1996. One role that really captured the essence of Frank and highlighted some big themes was his appearance on Cartoon Network. we bare bears Season 4, Episode 26 “Imaginary Friend.” His participation as a guest on the program not only stands out among his filmography, but it was one of the most remembered in we bare bears history.

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What happened in the ‘Imaginary Friend’ episode of We Bare Bears?

we bare bears was a feel-good animated series that followed three bear brothers living in San Francisco. Occasionally throughout the series, an episode will flash back to when Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear were babies and audiences will be able to see a story from their history. “Imaginary Friend” was one such episode. It focuses on the innocence of youth and the imagination of a child. The premise allowed Frank to shine when his character Silver Bear helped teach the bears a lesson.

In the episode, the bears used their imaginations to conjure up a fourth friend after watching a children’s action show called Ultra Meteor Fighters. The friend appeared in the form of the Silver Bear, voiced by Jason David Frank in the perfect homage to Forest ranger. A sequence where the four bears “dress up” as action heroes was also very similar to the Rangers’ transformation sequences. While the role was clearly a nod to the Forest ranger franchise, it was a different way for the public to enjoy Frank’s work.

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Why was the character in Jason David Frank’s We Bare Bears stand out?

Jason David Frank we bare bears special appearance played into the nostalgia many audience members had for Forest ranger. Frank’s character, Tommy Oliver, in particular, was a big part of many people’s upbringings and “Imaginary Friend” clearly acknowledges this. Writers Mikey Heller and Kris Mukai chose not only to create an homage to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but he also showed the importance of the series for young audiences by making his story a “baby bears” episode.

Frank’s background as a voice actor was also highlighted in the episode. He brought the same energy that he brought to playing the Green Ranger and heightened the intensity of the story because of how powerful his voice acting was. Towards the end of the plot, Silver Bear went from an imaginary field to an enemy and the bears needed to defeat him. Frank’s ability to switch to a more sinister performance was a great test of the actor’s range.

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Jason David Frank touched the lives of many people. Frank’s influence on the Forest ranger The franchise and the broader world of pop culture will last forever. we bare bears understood his impact and allowed him to excel in a fun role while paying homage to him and the property for which he is best known. “Imaginary Friend” allowed audiences to see how much it really affected people around the world.

Frank will be missed by legions of fans and his many co-stars, but there are ways his presence will endure. apart from his Forest ranger episodes, there’s also his comic book legacy and standout voice acting roles. Frank will always be the Green Ranger, but his inspiration and enthusiasm really came to the fore when he appeared as Silver Bear in we bare bears.

We Bare Bears is now streaming on HBO Max.

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