WB Games Montreal began development of the unannounced project

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A new look online reveals that WB Games Montreal has begun developing its next project.

The official WB Games Montreal Inc. LinkedIn page has recently updated its page and features what its senior producer has been working on. Earlier, he showed the development time of his most recent game, Gotham Knights. It started in January 2017 and completed in November 2022 and even how many years and months it took to complete, which was 5 years and 11 months.

Today, a new entry appeared on the LinkedIn page. It revealed that the senior producer is now working on an unannounced project that started this month and has no end date yet. No other details were shared but according to the Twitter user @Jsig212James, WB Games Montreal is now working on its next DC game. Many commenters are speculating that it will be a Superman game, but based on the LinkedIn page entry, there is information on it that could prove that.

WB Games Montreal

WB Games Montreal worked on Gotham Knights, a new installment of a Batman game where the usual protagonist Batman is dead and his Batman family members take over the protection of Gotham City. . Cyrus Gaming gave it a 6.5 rating, saying, “Gotham Knights may be a great game in some aspects, but it struggles to find its identity.”

WB Games Montreal is now working on a new, unannounced project.


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