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Warrior Nun’s Season 2 Redeems Two OCS Traitors

The following contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix Season 2 Warrior Nun has some flashy moments when the Order of the Cruciform Sword (aka OCS) tries to stop Adriel. Unfortunately, he makes a messianic figure, nodding to Jodie Christianson of american jesus — forging a new religion and cult. Little do they know, Adriel is putting together his prayer, using his energy to open a portal.

Adriel aims to bring demons, but luckily, the OCS has Ava, Beatrice, and other soldiers to fight back. Sadly, there are two ugly betrayals that shake the OCS to its core. While redemption was obtained for both individuals, the series doesn’t handle their reversal well, not at all.

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Warrior Nun Makes Vincent’s Atonement Inorganic

Father Vincent worked with the OCS in Season 1, only to stab them in the back at the end. He helped free Adriel, and season 2 found Vincent planning a coup against the Catholic Church. He wants to help Adriel’s movement grow, even going so far as to use technology to fake miracles.

However, when he learns that Adriel wants to rule through fear and reshape a world filled with horror, Vincent steals the Crown of Thorns and returns it to Ava to stop the tyrant. Unfortunately, this heel turn is not well executed, as Ava finds him on the street, where they make up. She caused the death of many when she freed Adriel, plus the cult has also been violent towards many people. As such, this development did not come naturally.

Also, the tipping point of Adriel being a monster doesn’t make any sense because he has the same figure at all times. The fact that he has to be deceitful, while he gives power to an evil army, happens in front of Vincent’s eyes. Therefore, by helping Adriel, he should have known right away that he was a false prophet. This forms one of many plot inconsistencies, which might help explain why there wasn’t much promotion for the property.

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Warrior Nun rushes Lilith back into the light


Season 2 also has Adriel corrupting Lilith, the former OCS member whose body is mutating after fighting the Tarasks. She doesn’t trust the OCS to help her with her physical changes, plus she is jealous that Ava is over Halo. As such, Lilith tries to kill Ava in the end with her demonic abilities. However, after Ava slashes her with the divinium sword, she summons Tarasks and then kills Adriel, Lilith realizes that she is on the wrong side of her.

This development doesn’t add up because Lilith knew what Adriel was all along. She made it clear that she was bringing in demons from another dimension and planning to enslave Reya (the goddess there), so nothing should be a bombshell. Instead, the show forces this revelation as some sort of catalyst, when she could have used the holy sword as the item that removed the poison Adriel planted in her.

If the series did that, it didn’t run right either because Lilith just watches Adriel die and then offers help to an injured Ava. Somehow, Beatrice, Ava’s series-wide crush, immediately trusts Lilith, and Ava is sent through the portal to Reya’s world to heal her, when this could have been a trap. Ultimately, Lilith had no new reason to turn back, nor did the OCS have any reason to trust her the way they did a cunning Vincent, but no warriorn rolls with the blows, leaving the convenient plot without laying the proper foundation for changes.

Warrior Nun season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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