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Warrior Nun’s Season 2 Ending, Explained

The following contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix Season 2 Warrior Nun – which is quite popular despite having no promotional budget – raises the stakes when Ava and her holy warriors try to stop the interdimensional being known as Adriel. Initially thought to be an angel, Adriel is simply a powerful cosmic entity seeking to take control of Earth, using the literal energy of divine prayer to power a portal. He is planning to bring demons from Reya’s realm and stake domain as his cult grows, nodding to stories like american jesus where false messiahs manipulate the masses.

However, Ava and the Order of the Cruciform Sword (also known as OCS) are quite formidable, especially when Father Vincent returns to her side. Also, the OCS gets another secret weapon in Michael, who returns from Reya’s dimension with unique gifts. This leads to a bloody ending filled with sacrifice but also hope for the future.

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Warrior Nun Season 2 Breaks The Ark

Season 1 focused on Michael being tricked as a child into helping his mother, Jillian, use her Arq-Tech to breach Reya’s world. But this was all Adriel’s plan, to manipulate the family and the OCS to free him from the Vatican catacombs. He has been taking over the ark ever since, dragging demons and hoping to trap Reya on this plane, ending her mission to try and kill him after he stole her Halo.

Fortunately, Vincent provides information to get to the cross that was absorbing the energy and powering the portal. This move is very welcome as the Crown of Thorns intended to imprison Adriel is a plan the OCS no longer feels safe in. Using Vincent’s information, Yasmine, Camila and the others storm the compound during the final rite, blowing up the cross and looting the ark.

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Warrior Nun Season 2 Unleashes The Real Adriel


However, in the basement, Adriel unleashes his full power against Ava. The odds are stacked as he has also corrupted the winged Lilith at his side. She has been warped by Tarask’s injury from last season, so he becomes her demonic enforcer, with powers of teleportation and violent jealousy over how the OCS chose Ava as her savior, and not her. .

This is why Lilith kills Michael and takes out the divinium bomb inside him that Reya planted, which was meant to incinerate Adriel. However, without her cross, Ava’s Halo no longer weakens, allowing her to harness all of her power from within her body. She fires divine energy from her at the bomb, blowing up Michael and Adriel’s corpse. Unfortunately, Adriel regenerates, gloating about how he is immortal and that, after stopping Reya, he will remake this world in his image, through fear and horror.

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Warrior Nun season 2 separates Ava and Beatrice

Warrior Nun as Ava healing and Beatrice leaving the OCS

However, Ava has one trick left, summoning Reya’s enforcers: the Tarasks. This monstrous legion teleports in and tears Adriel to pieces, fulfilling his lifelong ambitions. But when they turn to devour Ava, Reya sends them home. She is grateful for Ava’s help, leaves her with the Halo, and heads back through the crack. Unfortunately, shrapnel from the bomb has injured Ava terribly, leaving her to die.

However, Lilith indicates that Ava could be healed in Reya’s realm. She has a change of heart upon realizing that Ava is really a hero, so she helps Beatrice through the rift before she shuts down. It’s heartbreaking as Beatrice and Ava just kissed and admitted their love, so this split hits hard. Lilith warns that Adriel is right about one thing: a hellish invasion is coming, so I hope everyone is on the same page soon. The season ends with Beatrice leaving a rebuilding OCS to do some soul-searching, while Ava’s divinium sword glows in the headquarters, indicating that she has been healed in Reya’s world.

Warrior Nun season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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