Walkthrough of the man who killed Jason Foreman


The Cyberpunk 2077 concert: the man who killed Jason Foreman is a type of Gun for Hire gig that you can complete in the Phantom Liberty DLC. In this mission, you are a mercenary hired by the family of one of the victims of the Longshore Stacks massacre, Jason Foremane, to track down an ancient demon from BARGHEST and bring justice.

Like Heaviest of Hearts, this concert will have different results. And to help you, I have detailed a complete tutorial that shows you How to Easily Complete The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman Gig in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, including important decisions that affect the ending.

Walkthrough of the man who killed Jason Foreman

The man who killed Jason Foreman’s gig is unlocked after completing the The fifth main mission of the Phantom Liberty DLC, “The Damned.” Once you meet the requirements, start the concert by going to the green icon located north of Terra Cognita in Pacifica, Dogtown. Once there, answer Mr. Hands’ call and he will tell you about the job.

Location of The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman concert on the map

First, meet with briana dolson in the place near the vigil candles between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. If you arrive too early, the objective will have you sit and wait on a nearby bench until dark.

Talk to Briana shortly after meeting her and she will ask you to follow her up the stairs. During your talk, Briana will ask you to locate Leon Rinder, the man responsible for the Longshore Stacks massacre. She will give you a fragment to decode and get more details; In exchange, you’ll have to retrieve Rinder’s dog tag at the end of the chase to help calm people’s feelings.

From the main menu, decrypt the fragment by going to the menu Journal -> Fragments -> Encryption -> Archived conversation: Jason Foreman and Slava Makarov.

Investigate the area (optional objective)

Explore the area and scan the yellow objects to complete the optional objective. This will help you know more details about Rinder in the process. After that, head to the old abandoned motel marked on your map. Fast travel to West Wind Apartments or drive to the Rinder location quickly.

When you arrive at the motel, go inside and go up to the third floor. Make sure to kill all the enemies along the way to get XP. You won’t need to go the stealthy route, but feel free to do it out loud, as there’s no right or wrong approach.

When you reach the third floor, go through the door on the left to enter a new section of the building. Straight ahead is a red-lit door, so continue until you reach the back left corner. You can find Rinder inside.

The moment you open the door to enter, the Scav boss, “Yasha Ivanov”, will force you back out. He has the ability to hide while running around the area, and Toxic Bombs can take you out from behind cover. When Yasha Ivanov tries to hide and retreat, chase him down and kill him quickly; then you can return to the room where Rinder is. The choice is yours: kill Rinder or spare him and grab his dog tag.

The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman Finals

Like most of the Phantom Liberty DLC concerts, The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman leads to various choices and outcomes. He talks to Rinder and he will tell you that he doesn’t remember killing anyone, he will beg you to let you live and give you his dog tags so you can finish the concert.

Choice of replacement crushers

In exchange for sparing Rinder, you gain access to his loot and obtain a unique weapon called the Dezerter. The Dezerter is a double barrel electric shotgun. In my experience, this is the best option between the two. Sometimes rewards are more satisfying than doing exactly what the client tells you to do.

Kill Rinder Choice

If you decide to kill Rinder, Mr. Hands’ rewards will remain unchanged once you close the contract. You probably won’t be able to access his stash either.

Pro tip: If you decide to spare Rinder and find the location of his hideout, you can still kill him before leaving the old motel. In this way, you will reap the rewards and at the same time dispense true justice.

In the end, Mr. Hands will still offer you the same rewards regardless of your decision, but if you spare Rinder, you will have access to his stash and obtain the Dezerter.

Pick up Rinder’s dog tag and give it to Briana, who will be sitting at a table in Longshore Stacks. Finish your conversation with her to complete The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman concert. and then answer Mr. Hands’ call to close the contract and collect your rewards.

Rewards of the man who killed Jason Foreman: 8000 whirlpools and 1685 EXP .

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