Walkthrough in the making – Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC


Budding It is the fifth main mission of Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. Now that the group has found a place for Nazamil to stay, they move on to helping other people while they search for the next mausoleum to seal.

Read on as we progress through the Budding events in Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn and share some tips on how to complete each of the quest objectives.

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Talk to Lagill

From the palace, fast travel to the inn in Viscint and then head west to meet Lagill. She will ask the party for help in driving out the zeugles that have been seen on the farm.

Visit Bogdel at Pharia Ranch

Continue west of Viscint to reach the Traslida Highway that connects to Pharia Ranch.

Go to the intersection where it will be revealed that Nazamil followed the group and decided to join the trip.

Take the south path to reach Pharia Ranch. Talk to the rancher who will tell you more about the problem.

Look for Zeugles on the Traslida Highway

Return to the Traslida Highway and head towards the marked location north of Waterfall Depths.

Keep looking for Zeugles

Then, head southwest to the next marked location to find the next set of clues.

Then, head northwest to the next marked location, right next to the Renan ship to find footprints that match the ones found at the ranch.

Finally, head towards the westernmost part near the bridge.

Find the Zeugles

The marker will once again move east. Nazamil interrupts the party, causing the monster stalking them to reveal itself.

Defeat Venoflage

You will be fighting a Venoflage. This zeugle has the ability to turn invisible and move fast enough to appear like it can teleport as well. Aside from that, it can spit poison which can inflict poison or paralysis on those hit.

Watch out for his attack, where he turns invisible and starts running around the battlefield. To counter this attack, he uses Kisara’s boost attack, which can stop the Venoflage in its tracks, giving you an opening for a counterattack.

This encounter with the zeugle can be made easier by targeting its core, which is located under its tail. Take advantage of Alphen’s buff attack to easily keep this enemy stunned.

Once he has been defeated, you will be rewarded with x3 Mystical Luminacore and 18,000 EXP.

Report to Bogdel

Return to Pharia Ranch to report to Bogdel. You will then find the rancher lying on the ground after being attacked by Venoflage. Then, Nazamil intervenes and uses his power to heal the rancher.

Return to Viscint

While returning to Viscint, the group decides to first celebrate the success of their mission.

Go to the Traslida highway campsite.

Go to the camp near the Renan ship and set up camp.

Report to Lagill

Meet Lagill in Viscint by the gate leading to Niez. She will report that people in Niez are having conflicts with each other and that the group is needed to help with the problem.

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