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Walker Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Just Desserts’ Recap & Spoilers

It’s Thanksgiving for the Walker family, but the celebrations are thwarted by a ton of unresolved family drama. Here’s a recap of the hit CW series.

The following contains spoilers for Walker season 3, episode 7, “Just Desserts,” which premiered Thursday, November 17 on The CW.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Walker Ranch, but the family has never been so divided before due to Stella lying to her father and August developing an unrepentant party boy persona. The friends gather at the ranch to celebrate the occasion, only for one disaster after another to strike. As the dishes are ready and Thanksgiving comes to a close, the long-term future for the Walker family looks bleak, while the CW series continues with a much darker season.

Determined to help the family get back together and mend their recent estrangement, Walker and Liam set out to create the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, tailoring the menu to suit Stella’s interests. Walker, Liam and Bonham go hunting wild turkey together at the ranch, but decide to keep the store-bought turkey when Walker fails to catch a bird. The Walker family is joined by Cassie Perez and her older brother Ben, while Ben and Liam’s relationship becomes more serious.

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Walker S3E7 Ben

Stella has avoided contact with her family since moving in with Colton, and the young couple focus on helping local food drives for the underprivileged. Stella is shocked when the Side Step family bar receives a closure notice due to August’s underage party there, and she takes the blame. Still outraged that August got away relatively free of consequences and concerned about the changes in her personality, Stella decides that her brother should break the news to the rest of the family.

Stella and Colton join in for a family Thanksgiving, with Trey Barnett and Captain Larry James among the guests for the festive meal. Stella emphasizes that her visit is not to have dinner or to reconcile with her family, but that she is speaking privately with August to inform him of Side Step’s closure and his responsibility to notify her father. As Walker contemplates the tense family dynamics he is dealing with, the ranch is hit by a thunderstorm at an inconvenient time, causing the house to lose power and a tree to fall on it.

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Walker S3E7 Stella Colton

The power is restored just in time for Cassie’s budding love interest Kevin to arrive, though August remains stubborn in taking responsibility for Side Step’s fate. The family begins to argue amongst themselves even as Walker insists on keeping a brave face to keep them together. This is completely undermined when Abby makes Stella give her father the closing notice, and Walker instinctively blames Stella for her development. Abby angrily points out how much Walker has overlooked August’s guilt and personality change.

In the awkward aftermath of the disastrous dinner party, Liam and Ben grow closer as do Cassie and Kevin, both duos commiserating over a vacation gone wrong. Walker has a difficult conversation with August and reluctantly takes a tougher stance on his son. As Thanksgiving at the ranch ends on a somber note, Abby leisurely walks the grounds alone, only to mysteriously collapse from an undisclosed ailment that could bring an even darker dimension to a season that has already treated some very dark themes

Developed for television by Anna Fricke, Walker airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on The CW, with new episodes available to stream the following day on The CW App.

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