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Wakanda Forever Turns Namora Into a Real MCU Threat

The Marvel Cinematic Universe formally unveils its own version of Atlantis in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, largely reinventing the concept as the Mayan-inspired Talokan. But beyond the changes this brings to the big screen version of Namor and Wakanda, it also results in some serious tweaks to another great Marvel underwater hero. The Namora that appears in wakandan forever she is very different from her comic book counterpart, portrayed as a much more dangerous and ruthless fighter than the typically heroic version of the character that appears in the comics.

Who was Namora in Marvel Comics?

Namora debuted in Marvel Mystery Comics Jimmy Thompson’s #82, and in many ways, serves as something of a precursor to Supergirl (who wouldn’t debut in the DC Universe until 1959). Namora was, like her cousin Namor hers, the daughter of an Atlantean and a human. She possesses many of the same abilities as her cousin, including increased strength and durability, flight, and an extended lifespan. Namora fought alongside Namor during the Golden Age of Comic Books and has returned to play a role in the incarnation of the Agents of Atlas and Nick Fury’s original team of Avengers in the 1950s. Namora was eventually poisoned and believed Dead, spending decades in a coffin.

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Eventually, she was freed in the present day, even gaining a modern “daughter” in the form of her clone, the New Namorita Warrior. Ever since she awoke, Namora has been portrayed primarily as a hero, fighting to save innocent lives and unafraid to call out other heroes for her actions. She rejoined the Agents of Atlas, she fought for the Hulk during world war hulk, had an affair with Hercules and developed a loving but complicated relationship with her increasingly morally flexible cousin. This is a far cry from the way Namora is portrayed in Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthat reformulates her as a much more dangerous figure.

The MCU makes Namora a more dangerous character

wakanda forever namora atlanteans

One of the changes made to Namor’s origins in the MCU revolves around his age. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reveals that Namor was born centuries before the present when the people of his tribe first ventured into the ocean to create the Talokan. This makes Namor centuries old, and apparently a more distant relative of Namora, who is presented less as a direct member of the family and more as a loyal follower of the “god” Talokan. Namora does not appear to share her comic book counterpart’s heritage, being a citizen of the sea rather than having only one human parent.

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Namora also proves to be ruthless towards humans, fighting them with some ferocity and playing a significant role in the battle against the Wakandans. In the climactic battle, she attacks Ironheart and manages to keep the flying hero distracted for a while. She also helps disable some of the technology used by the Wakandans to counter their underwater enemies.

even at the end of wakandan forever, Namora is apparently infuriated by the idea of ​​Namor even pretending to bend the knee to another nation, suggesting that he has more of the fierce side that usually defines Atumma in the comics. It’s an interesting development for the character, recasting her as a more morally dubious figure. This could push her to become a more overtly dangerous or even antagonistic force in future storylines, which could unseat Atumma as the most dangerous undersea figure in the MCU. There’s also the possibility that Namora may have a better chance to see the surface world and develop an appreciation for it, potentially setting her up to follow in her comic book counterpart’s footsteps and work alongside Jimmy Woo (who’s already been introduced). to the universe). . The MCU’s reinvention of Namora takes some serious liberties with the original incarnation of her and could set the stage for the character’s continued evolution.

To meet the MCU’s Namora, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in theaters.

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