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Vampire Nation Would Make a Good MCU Movie

Over the years, Eric Brooks, better known to fans as Blade, has been on many adventures, slaying vampires and protecting the world from the creatures of the night. He has joined many superhero teams, including the Avengers and the Midnight Suns. Now, he is the sheriff of Dracula’s vampire nation.

While he has a popular movie trilogy to his name, he has yet to make an official appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, his film will not debut until September 2024, with the recent publication of Blade: Vampire Nation #1 (by VC’s Mark Russell, Dave Wachter, Dee Cunniffe, and Cory Petit), perhaps the inspiration from this comic could be drawn and used to create another Blade movie set in the MCU.

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How Blade: Vampire Nation Opens Doors For The MCU

After the events of 2020’s King in Black, the UN and the Avengers allowed Dracula to establish his Vampire Nation in Chernobyl on one condition: Blade would be the sheriff. This was to ensure that the vampires followed proper protocols and to monitor their activities. At the beginning of the story, one of Dracula’s council members is assassinated. However, there is more than that. Dracula was the intended target, not the council member, Chancellor Corvis. Blade is then tasked with finding the people who ordered the hit and bringing them to the monstrous leader.

One of the many things that makes this comic interesting is the relationship vampires have with humans. The panels depict the two somewhat coexisting, which could help introduce them to the MCU. Vampires give humans jobs to do during the day, offer to turn them into vampires to maintain the population, and help them adapt with special programs. There are even some humans who are allowed to live rent-free in the nation in exchange for their lives in the future. The latter of these perspectives could pose some issues down the road, potentially creating conflicts in perfectly setting up other potential Blade movies.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that the Vampire Nation was also endorsed by the Avengers themselves. The parameters of this deal could be subject to change if this comic were to be adapted for the big screen. Fans are well aware that the MCU has changed many events such as Civil war and the infinite saga to fit into the stories being told, so that the same could be done with other materials. This could be something that happens before or after the Avengers disband.

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Blade could face Dracula in the MCU

Blade_ Vampire Nation #1 preview page 2

Also, the comic contains various characters such as the mercenary Delfina, Contessa, and even Dracula himself. The last of these has yet to appear in the MCU, and given his immortality, it could show up at any time. Within the length of a movie, the writers could approach this film as if it were a murder mystery, adding a bit of action and risk to amp up the stakes.

Blade has hunted vampires in the past, but now he acts as an enforcer of peace between humans and vampires. It would be interesting to see Blade portrayed in this way while still being true to his origins. Blade: Vampire Nation leaves filmmakers countless opportunities. Perhaps in future works topics such as Dracula’s secret council or Blade’s daughter could be explored.

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