Valve scrapped VR console plans for being “stupidly expensive,” employee reveals



Highlights of the story

  • The valve Employee Pierre-Loup Griffais revealed in a public Discord server that the company wanted to make a VR console, but eventually scrapped the plan because it was “stupidly expensive”.
  • Around the time of Valve Index’s release, the company had plans for a dedicated VR console. It was supposed to be the successor to Steam Machines which failed to launch in 2013.
  • Based on information provided by Griffais, cancellation likely occurred long before development.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify these claims unless Griffiths somehow comes up with concrete evidence, so take it with a grain of salt.

Valve employee Pierre Loup Griffiths The public Discord server revealed that the company wants to create one. VR consolebut the plan was ultimately finished due to this happenings “Stupid expensive“Valve reportedly wanted to release the console with the Valve Index, but it wasn’t quite ready at the time. Griffais’ messages, shared by Brad Lynchsuggest that this dedicated VR console was likely scrapped. Early in development.

Valve has a history to live on. On the hardware side, dating back as far as a decade ago. The company tried to develop steam engines, valve indexes, and more. steam controller, none of which have come close to the success it achieved. Steam deck. However, some recent details shared by a Valve employee suggest that there was another piece of hardware, a dedicated VR console, that was reportedly scrapped. 2019At the time the index was issued.

Griffiths said in his Discord message, “We wanted to do an accessory VR box with Index, but Proton/etc wasn’t quite ready at the time.It seems like there was more thought in it. Early stages of the concept, a meaning made more clear with Griffiths’s following message, “The actual HW work there was just a PC case and a mainboard to go into it.

Pierre-Loup Griffais Discord Messages
Pierre-Loup Griffais Discord Messages.

If this is true then the plan was canned before it was received. Original specifications. The company quickly realized that it would have been one Expensive plan, one that it didn’t want to take. It should be clear that it was. First Release of Steam deckso Valve had it. Didn’t see much success With its hardware plans. An unusual history with hardware, combined with cost concerns, will inevitably lead to such a conclusion.

“It would have been stupid expensive and it wouldn’t make sense to buy something at a high PC price if we don’t have a good desktop/everything story and it’s definitely not ready,” says Pierre-Loup. Griffiths.

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Pierre-Loup Griffais is now part of a team that has built a highly-acclaimed team. Steam deckWhich many consider a homerun. The valve wanted to kill While it would have been nice to see a VR console hit the shelves, a cancellation could have been at best. Nobody wants to pay A wonderful quantity Money for hardware, especially when there are already great alternatives.

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