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Valorant Agent Tier List – Best Agents Ranked (April 2022)

If you’re trying out Valorant agent tier lists, we’ve compiled this record meant for gamers in search of help in climbing the ranks. Tier lists are helpful to information in selecting the very best agent in Valorant, whether or not you’re enjoying solo or with a squad.

Valorant is Riot Games’ first foray into the first-person shooter style, and the brand new Episode Patch 4.7 is kicking issues up a notch with vital agent modifications which can be stirring issues up within the meta.

Valorant’s meta has advanced together with the sport’s development into a really aggressive tactical shooter. There at the moment are 18 brokers to select from, making it tougher than ever to decide on the perfect one for you and your crew. In order to make your life simpler, we’ve compiled this straightforward Valorant tier record for you.

Disclaimer: We acknowledge that the order of those tiers is subjective and that your expectations could differ from ours. Our tier record leans extra in direction of coordinated teamplay moderately solo carry. 

Valorant Agent Tier List – Best Agents Ranked for Patch 4.7

Tier Agents
S-tier Jett, Skye, Reyna, Neon, Sova, Viper
A-tier Sage, Killjoy, Astra, Raze, Cypher, Chamber
B-tier Breach, Omen, KAY/O
C-tier Yoru, Phoenix, Brimstone

All the brokers within the pool have been divided into 4 classes primarily based on the present meta that can assist you make the only option, with the S-Tier ranked as the best, to the C-Tier because the least.

Not all brokers are created equal, as we should all the time have in mind. But none of them is just about unplayable. All of the weapons within the sport are shared, which makes it simpler for Riot Games to maintain the strengths and weaknesses of its characters in verify.

S Tier Valorant Agents

S Tier brokers characterize the head of the sector and are held in excessive regard. Their glorious survivability and glorious crew synergy make them a super possibility.


As a results of her various set of expertise, Jett has been in a position to maintain on to her place as Valorant’s high agent. She is the offensive agent who is ready to knock down her foes with relative ease whereas nonetheless permitting herself time to outlive on the sector.

Jett’s Drift, Updraft, and Tailwind expertise, amongst others, give him great mobility. Having all of those at her disposal allowed jet to observe the realm round her with ease and maneuver into and out of engagements at will. For defensive and planning functions, Cloudburst additionally helps. Her Ultimate is especially noteworthy, permitting her to do a major quantity of injury. As different famend brokers have been nerfed, Jett has developed to fill the opening.

Jett is without doubt one of the biggest characters in our Valorant tier record 2022 due to her skills and her freedom to maneuver throughout the battlefield. We imagine she’s going to proceed to be the most well-liked agent by way of 2022.

Skye - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


With her new upgrades, Skye has turn out to be some of the highly effective initiators within the sport. She is ready to take use of her flashes extra successfully due to her quicker weapon re-equip. Her wolf, alternatively, is now extra seen and has an extended concussion timeframe for the goal.

They are helpful since they will go rapidly throughout the map and round quite a few corners. Flashing, for example, over Icebox’s tall partitions or throughout and round U-Hall. In addition, her flashes give the crew data by way of her voice callouts, which they will hear.

Her final, which supplies data on the enemy’s whereabouts, can also be of nice profit to the squad. With her flash and the strain of her teammates, it might additionally result in straightforward kills.

Reyna - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Despite the truth that Reyna has a excessive ceiling to soar off of, she could also be one excessive or one other specialty owing to the truth that she requires kills to energy her Q/E utilization.

Despite her distinct popularity as a pub stomper, she’s been choosing up some steam as an ace choice in ace play. Because no different specialist can equal her gripping energy in clutch conditions, she could also be the very best specialist for you should you’re sturdy sufficient.

Reyna is a superb specialist if you wish to play off-points. As a outcome, she is ready to amaze her foes by holding unbelievable factors of view.

Neon - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Neon is probably Valorant’s biggest time specialist. While her courageous sprinting and sliding into battle earns her some true type factors, her unit’s general energy and reliability would possibly want some consideration.

She is a high-risk, high-reward specialist, and her skills are greatest suited to an all-in type of play. Overall, she doesn’t have any type of separation like Reyna’s Dismiss, or Jett’s scramble, and even Chamber’s Rendezvous whereas slipping in and commencing duels

Neon excels in disengaged one-on-ones versus specialists who lack mobility, however her general skills are considerably lackluster relating to separating enemy defenses. Unfortunately, she is susceptible to hostile utility, resembling delaying techniques like Nano swarms and Tripwires.

Sova - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


For crew matches, Sova is an outstanding agent. Playing Sova is an artwork due to its capability to recon and to deal a small bit of injury. You’ll have to know your angles if you wish to play him. Only if you realize the place to goal your recon arrows are you able to get essentially the most out of Sova’s.

Another useful gizmo for the archer is his drone, which is superb for reconnaissance however can quickly reveal your location. To designate opponents, it makes use of a dart, though it’s readily destroyed and troublesome to cover.

Even although he’s the sport’s high intelligence gatherer, he nonetheless must spend time honing his expertise.

Viper - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


It is Viper’s specialty to focus on a single participant or an entire opponent crew with toxin-based harm. She is a Valorant offensive agent that will get the job achieved together with her dynamic abilities on the sector. We imagine that Viper will stay in our S-rank of Valorant tier record in 2022.

Starting out, she has the flexibility to inflict toxic hurt on her adversaries with passive skills referred to as Toxin and Fuel. For the remainder of her skills, she depends on the utilization of noxious gasoline to encircle and injure everybody it comes into contact with.

Viper’s post-plant demeanor has been toned down just lately, making her much less horrifying. Her potential to smoke for longer durations of time has additionally diminished. In spite of this, Viper continues to be a formidable opponent due to her versatile smokes and dazzling Ultimate.

Even with the totally different standing results that could be utilized, Viper is an professional in draining opponent well being and making use of them. Depending on how you employ her, she could also be a wonderful offensive and defensive asset.

A Tier Valorant Agents

In comparability to most different gamers, A Tier brokers are very environment friendly. But even when they’re not as glorious because the S-tier characters, they’re nonetheless a severe contender.

Sage - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Once upon a time, Valorant’s on-call medic was an important member of any squad. Despite some vital nerfs, she has been in a position to preserve her tier place due to the various set of expertise she possesses.

She nonetheless has helpful sluggish and barrier orbs, which can be utilized to spice up on high of bins or related obstructions for a peak benefit when peeking for data or getting an early kill, even after the nerfs.

Even with out Sage’s Orbs, the Agent’s Resurrection Ability can assist you win a sport, particularly when the man-advantage is essential. Because of this, she is deserving of A-Tier standing regardless of its elevated value of eight factors.

Killjoy - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Killjoy is a flexible agent that excels in each offense and protection over a variety of maps.

Having her final on the correct place on a map like Haven A or Split B could have a major influence on the result of battles. At occasions, it could suggest an uncompensated retake or an uncompensated bomb plant.

It’s her (X) Lockdown, although, that basically shines, clearing the best way on your crew to both place or defuse a spike in the midst of an enemy’s encampment.

Astra - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Valorant could not be capable of deal with Astra’s galaxy-brained mentality. For the abnormal Joe, she’s a tricky cookie to crack. She has nice potential, however the execs made essentially the most of her on the Masters.

Her equipment is filled with options that make her a one-stop store for your entire gaming wants. When it involves what she will do, it’s extra about what she will’t do than what she will.

Astra’s complexity and susceptibility was a significant draw back. However, with a number of gamers studying her abilities, the character has totally lived as much as her promise. Astra is a game-changer in situations the place you and your crew are speaking effectively. This makes her essentially the most Valorant Agent.

Raze - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


In Valorant, mastering Raze’s powers is perhaps a problem, however when you do, she is usually a lethal weapon in aggressive matches. There are moments when Raze’s skills look a contact missing, however don’t let that idiot you. Raze’s Ultimate can inflict big harm with a single hit, and it additionally has excessive area-of-effect harm, making it a really useful gizmo.

Explosives play a big position in Raze’s different skills as effectively. Explosive-charged Boom Bots can help you search out foes with loads of room for entrance whereas pushing. She additionally has the Blast Pack, which is a sticky explosive that detonates when in shut contact to the consumer. Additionally, she has a cluster grenade that could be used to handle crowds.

As a Duelist, Raze is a incredible complement to Chamber. She has the utility to maintain the adversary off stability whereas additionally bringing excellent Duelist expertise to the desk for her squad.

This implies that Raze is a good aggressive agent who’s all the time prepared to steer your crew’s frontal assault into hostile territory.

Cypher - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Cypher’s choose price has plummeted as latest patches nerfed his cameras and tripwires. However, he’s nonetheless one of many strongest data gatherers within the sport, and his modern Cyphers could also be a nightmare for the opposition crew to deal with.

It is the Moroccan’s job to show enemy whereabouts at any given second together with his Trapwires, Spy Camera, and Cages.

A crucial piece of knowledge that his Neural Theft gives is the place of each energetic enemy participant within the sport. Aside from dropping his Trapwires initially of a spherical, this agent has no different draw back.

Chamber - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


As the agent pool’s fourth sentinel, Chamber takes his place. Having solely been launched these days, the deadly murderer is rapidly turning into a helpful weapon for groups.

Chamber can immediately teleport wherever on the map and make the most of his Trademark potential to sluggish and imprison adversaries inside a sure radius due to his powers. In the present meta, the latest sentinel is steadily rising the ranks and is regarded a great possibility on almost each map

Currently, Chamber has a excessive choose price on the vast majority of maps, with Breeze being essentially the most notable exception. He can play quite a lot of roles in a match due to the great versatility of his outfit and his potential to change between them. As a web site defender, pick-pusher, or long-range sniper, Chamber is a formidable ally.

B Tier Valorant Agents

Most gamers would take into account B Tier brokers to be simply mediocre opponents. These brokers aren’t overly sturdy, however neither do they exhibit any distinguishing traits that set them aside from the remainder of the competitors both.

Breach - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Breach is without doubt one of the greatest offensive brokers, for my part. His flashes and stuns have been given a lift just lately, making them much more highly effective. Breach, alternatively, is superb at securing territory on his personal. Breach is the perfect alternative should you’re searching for an agent that excels on offense whereas nonetheless enjoying above-average protection.

Because of Breach’s dynamic abilities, extra gamers are deciding on the agent in late 2021 and early 2022. Aftershock and different expertise like as blinding, dazed, and knocking his rivals to the bottom are solely a number of the methods he could harm his enemies.

Breach has hassle maintaining with the opposite Initiators regardless of his versatility on many maps. Breach is an outlier on Fracture, the place this can be very efficient and incessantly chosen by skilled gamers.

Omen - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


If you’re a fan of the Overwatch sequence, you’re undoubtedly aware of Omen’s powers. The agent, which appears rather a lot like Blizzard’s Reaper, has the flexibility to teleport. As lengthy as you know the way to make use of him, he will be an especially deadly weapon towards an organized and well-coordinated squad.

The secret to Omen’s success is its potential to stay unpredictability. If you need to get the higher hand over your opponents, you’ll have to suppose outdoors the field and give you new methods to play Omen. His smoking aids and paranoia make him a wonderful blinding agent for foes lurking across the nook. Omen is a good agent to take a look at should you’re new to the sport.

kayo - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


When it involves process, the Terminator of Valorant continues to be figuring issues out. However, though some gamers are adept at utilizing his tools, others are nonetheless studying use his trailblazing knife correctly. When it involves initiators, Kay/O is a superb alternative in ranked video games, however it’s not the one one.

In sure instances, KAY/O is best than Skye as an initiator, relying on the map and the playstyle of your crew. As an instance, Ascent believes that KAY/O has these days been chosen above Skye within the draft. In addition, he has a knife that will disable opponent skills and destabilize defensive positions, making web site pushes extra environment friendly.

Overall, we imagine KAY/O has the potential to turn out to be one of many high brokers within the sport if he receives a giant improve in his expertise. We don’t see the sense in enjoying this agent in 2022, and neither will knowledgeable participant.

C Tier Valorant Agents

The use of C Tier brokers ought to solely be thought-about as a final possibility. They deal little harm, aren’t very powerful to take down, and don’t do a lot for the squad as an entire.

Yoru - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Professional gamers who’ve been enjoying Valorant from the sport’s debut have a low opinion of Yoru. Furthermore, he’s hardly ever seen even in aggressive video games, and even in leisure on-line video games. Despite Yoru’s promise, he gained’t go far even in 2022 if Riot Games doesn’t make substantial modifications to his expertise.

As a common rule, Yoru’s potential set is designed to idiot and outwit opponents. When employed accurately, he could flash, teleport, and deceive opponents. Due of the inaccuracy of his powers, he’s unsuitable for aggressive play

However, the latest patch has proven some affection for Yoru. While competing within the Ultimate, he is ready to see effectively and use his flash. Consequently, Dimensional Drift has turn out to be an much more potent Ultimate. In addition, he now has a further flash to play with due to the overhaul of his footsteps.

As a outcome, Yoru stays a setback due to his incapacity to place his expertise to make use of. In 2022, he could discover that the Valorant neighborhood has larger affection for him if he receives some extra enhancements to his abilities.

Phoenix - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


When it involves Valorant’s “average” Agents, Phoenix is the very best. Nothing particular, however not horrible both.

With his Run It Back final, he was one of many greatest crew gamers amongst all Duelists. Additionally, he has the flexibility to heal himself within the occasion that he’s injured. But that’s all there may be to this British Duelist.

Unlike different notable characters like Jett, or Reyna’s invulnerability and therapeutic skills, Phoenix doesn’t have the identical influence on the battlefield. However, in comfort, Phoenix’s greatest gamers all the time look their greatest.

Brimstone - Valorant Agent Tier List 2022


Brimstone’s placement on this tier record appears to be the results of some hasty selections on our half. Episode 2’s first couple of minutes noticed him soar, however his toes haven’t but hit the bottom.

Even so, he’s a far cry from the person he was. Aside from his prolonged Sky Smokes and a wider deployment radius, he’s the best Agent to have in your aspect for a swift web site strike. To high all of it off, his Orbital Strike final offers you full dominance over areas like Bind’s U-Hall.

There’s now now a authentic cause to think about the smoke agent you convey together with you. Brimstone could also be a more sensible choice on some maps, resembling Bind. With the present meta being dominated by Omen, Astra, and Viper, Brimstone is usually forgotten.

And that’s just about all of it, as a Valorant participant, you’ll profit from studying concerning the sport’s tiers. In addition, it’s going to give you a great sense of which brokers to concentrate on and which of them to avoid. Improve your sport by taking use of the data you’ve gained right here!

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