Unity’s outrageous new prices have put indie games in tough water.



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  • Indie games are an integral part of modern gaming. These brilliant gems introduce creative and ingenious ideas that can sometimes surpass AAA.
  • Unity’s new pricing policy that charges a fee per install after a certain milestone is a highly controversial move that has earned the enmity of developers.
  • Although an important issue for every developer, this change may affect indie games and developers the most, who may not be able to adapt to the price, and switching engines mid-development is a nightmare. May be.

Is it only the big developers that have brought gaming to the current level? Surely not. Gaming as we know it. Indie has never been the same without the efforts of developers.. For indie games, budgets can be tight. But there is no limit to creativity., as many of them bring such delightful adventures full of love. And there are still many gems in them. Indie games are waiting for you to explore..

Larger companies usually have access to a custom engine, e.g Capcom’s RE Engine For example. On the other hand, indie developers use engines like Unity and unreal For development purposes. All was good till then. Etihad decided to change its pricing policy.which could potentially hurt indie developers pretty hard and irreversibly damage existing games and Discourage future attempts..

Unity's New Pricing Policy (Image Source: Unity)
Unity’s New Pricing Policy (Image Source: Unity)

Indie games are an undeniable asset.

Ah, indie gaming, A treasure trove of brilliant ideas Free from corporate constraints. Indie games are an integral part of modern gaming, as we witness the efforts and sometimes incredible creative ideas of small-time developers. Indie games are mostly. A project full of dedication as a small team is working on it as a passion project.. and now With modern equipment, this imaginative thinking can reach new heights..

When it comes to big companies, their games are the product of a big team, and The idea usually follows a script that meets a number of criteria and is vetted according to the publisher’s demands.. Similarly, when a chain is established and successful, Subsequent topics will follow this template. To some extent. With a massive production budget and a huge team, you get a project that, despite being a brilliant creation, Follows a set of rules..

With indie games, you have a small team of dedicated people who have No restrictions or superiors come upon them. They can exercise their creativity and develop projects of their own choice. It also comes along. some errors; Without expert guidance, there’s no way to know whether a particular idea will work well in practice.. But there are also virtues like the creative approach is not limited and sometimes Indie developers can create Gems are better than big names..

As an adult, I find indie games to fit into my life better than most AAA games.
by theu/action_lawyer_comics IPatient gamers

I could list many examples of awesome indie games. Just look at it The Hollow Knight. It has become one of the best 2D Metroidvania with its creatively designed environments, excellent level design, and thrilling combat. It also inspired many more sports and now we just Can’t wait for Silksong’s announcement. Likewise, take Dead cells. Not only is it a fantastic indie game, But one brings A master class in indie collaboration.

I’m sure you’ve heard. Undertale at some point. This highly influential game is as full of creativity as it provides. A unique approach to gameplay. Probably the most Will be an amazing entry Minecraft. Believe it or not, this massively successful game was later achieved Microsoft Started as an indie project. With a small development team. Imagine for a moment a world without Minecraft, or any other indie project for that matter. Gaming would never be the same without these creative ideas.

Can you believe that the massive Minecraft started as an indie game?
Can you believe that the massive Minecraft started as an indie game?

Unity’s new pricing is poison for developers.

As I mentioned, the big companies have access to their specific engines, while most others like regular developers and indie games rely on either Unity or Unreal engine. Even among these options, Compared to Unreal’s steep learning curve, Unity was preferred due to its ease of use and accessibility.. As such, many of the games you know and love use the Unity engine and now parents are affected by the company’s new pricing policy.

So what exactly is this new policy that has become such a problem? The alliance announced. Charge developers a small fee for each install of their game.. This decision was preceded by some internal changes which are controversial.. Before the explanation, people took it Every install will count., even if it’s new it reinstalls, which can lead to outrageous charges. however, Unity has made some clarifications that only new installs count. And fees apply after a certain milestone.

As we can see, Fees of $0.20 per install begin when game revenue reaches $200,000 in the last 12 months and 200,000 lifetime installs.. According to Unity, “This means low (or no) fees for creators who haven’t yet achieved mass success and a modest one-time fee for those who don’t.” however, Is it really so? All Developers around the world seem to think otherwise. As It has sparked worldwide outrage..

seeing this, Many of their arguments are certainly valid.. First, we’re not sure. How will Unity keep track of only this first install? thing A number of factors must be taken into consideration. What about installations resulting from piracy? Will uninstalls also be charged? We don’t have a concrete answer to this yet. Likewise, what about titles in subscription services?

Services like Game Pass and PS Plus are great exposure platforms for certain games. New ideas, especially Indie games can greatly benefit from being on the service.As People are more eager to try them when there are no extra charges involved.. So, consider a popular game on the service. It will have a larger number of installs and Developers will face insane charges..

Game Pass has been a boon for indie games, but it looks like Unity is about to negate that.
Game Pass has been a boon for indie games, but it looks like Unity is about to negate that.

Because of this new policy Developers are voicing their concerns. And united against these changes. Unity is constantly trying to clarify the policy changes, but many of the arguments are pretty solid and this is a move that could certainly hit developers pretty hard. This can be a slow acting poison for many games.such that the charges will start accumulating as the game becomes more popular.

The new policy will hurt indie games the most.

You can gauge the seriousness of this issue by how each developer is vocal about this decision. For games that are still early in development, they are. Even switching to a different option to avoid uncertain charges Collected later. And this is where my point comes in. Due to this decision, indie developers are suffering the most.. Can they afford to stop development and start over?

Consider an indie project that is well under development, what happens to it? They cannot start developing from scratch, and They cannot undertake a project with high risk. This dilemma can harm existing indie development and discourage potential developers. Besides that, What about games that are already using the engine? Once the costs start piling up on them, will small teams who have created a passion project be able to keep up with the charges?

Another thing to note is that Unity claims that the charges will only apply once the game gets some recognition. So what should indie developers do in this case, May their game never cross that line? Think of yourself as a game developer who released a small project with all his passion. If the game succeeds, I am sure. Nothing would be more pleasant. But then, you suddenly face an uncertain amount of charges. This makes it difficult to make a profit. What will you feel?

I’m sure it would be a terrible feeling, one Which can prevent any new developer from moving into the domain.. And we need indie games now more than ever. recently, Remakes and remasters have become far too frequent regardless of their need, and New brilliant ideas are the need of the hour.. Indie games are a great source of this now, because in the olden days, only corporate companies could afford the insane development costs.

These basic features have become quite affordable due to the increasing development and normalization of technology. A small team or even an individual can work on their dream project.. This gave birth to many creative ideas and revolutionary concepts for us to enjoy. however, With these rising costs whose magnitude is uncertain, indie growth could suffer severely. And we cannot afford to lose these valuable ideas.

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