Unity says that distributors like Microsoft will have to cover the new runtime costs.



Highlights of the story

  • Unity has introduced a new policy for charging developers based on video game installations.
  • This has caused outrage from several studios, including Agro Crab, whose games are on GamePass.
  • The studio claims that their game will be available for free on Game Pass, and they may have to pay a hefty fee in fees.
  • Unity has clarified that in the case of Game Pass and similar services, payment will be covered by distributors. Microsoft.

Unity Recently sparked outrage When the company announced a new policy to collect fees from developers. Number of game installations. According to the company, developers who meet a certain threshold to measure revenue and lifetime installs New runtime costs. The exact cost per installation varies considerably, with Unity Pro and Enterprise users typically paying less than Unity Personal and Plus users.

Many developers have expressed their concerns. Among them about the change is AgroCrib, who took to Twitter to discuss the matter. As a studio with a highly anticipated game coming out, the devs said. Xbox Game Pass in 2024These changes will cause a lot of trouble for them. Their game, Another Crab Treasure will be free to install. 25 million game passes Subscribers.

If even a fraction of those users download the game, Unity could charge a hefty fee, which would put pressure on the studio. It will do Their stability is threatened. And Decrease in their income. It is also not considering sales on other platforms, pirated installs, or multiple installs by a single user. Many studios had hoped that games available in Game Pass would be exempt from this new change.

But as it turns out, the alliance has other plans. Mark Whitten, president of Crate Solutions at Unity, claims developers like AgroCrab. Will not be let off the hook. However, instead of paying them a fee, it will go directly to the distributors. In the case of Game Pass, that would be the case. Microsoft. Whitten also clarified that there will be no runtime fees for game demo installations. however, Early access games will still be charged..

While it’s unclear how much damage this policy change could cause, several studios have voiced their opinions. Development studio Innersluth, the makers among us tweeted earlier this week. He said that this The new change will hurt fellow game studios.All budgets and sizes. Inersloth also stated that if this policy goes through, they will have to delay content and features. Port their game elsewhere..

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Interestingly, Whitten only makes estimates. 10% of Unity developers Even a fee will have to be paid. This is based on the limits that games need to hit. Still, many have pointed out how the policy has many problems, especially considering how Repeated installs incur additional charges.. Players can organize mass installation campaigns as a way to sabotage a company.

Microsoft has yet to officially comment on this. But people have. Speculations have already started. What can their legal team prepare? Some gamers also think that this is just a problem where Sony and Microsoft Agree once. Others believe the new policy will only lead to more games. Will be built on Unreal Engine.e.

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