Unity executives sold thousands of shares before the highly controversial fee announcement



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  • Alliance executives may potentially be part of insider trading. The company has announced a major change which has caused a lot of backlash from the devs. Owners sold thousands of shares before the disclosure.
  • Company CEO John Ricciello sold 2,000 shares on September 6, six days before the disclosure. He sold a total of 50,610 shares this year alone and bought none. A number of other owners have sold shares.
  • Growth’s president, Tomer Bar Zeff, sold more than 37,500 shares on Sept. 1, worth about $1.4 million. Board director Shlomo Durat also sold 68,454 shares on August 30 for about $2.5 million.
  • There has been a lot of anger from the devs, causing the company’s shares to plummet. Owners may have sold shares due to insider knowledge. The alliance has not yet commented on the matter.

A massive wave of hatred has struck straight to the heart of the Unity engine. The company has made enough. A political decision Which has completely changed the opinion of devs and gamers within few hours. It wants Charge devs with a fee Whenever a game is downloaded using the engine. As a result, The company’s stock has fallenbut it seems like the executives were. It is already ready.

A retrospective report by Teacher focus suggests that several Unity executives sold thousands of shares of the company’s stock in the weeks before the announcement. The company was sold by CEO John Ricciello. 2,000 shares On September 6, six days before the reveal. The source further confirms that the bulk of share sales follows an alarming trend. The CEO has rolled the whole thing. 50,610 shares No one else bought alone this year.

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The CEO is far from the only boss who has participated in such an effort. Several other executives and board of directors have sold shares of the company in the past few weeks. Growth’s president, Tomer Bar Zeev, moved. 37,500 shares On September 1, which is roughly equal. $1.4 million. Board director Shlomo Durat also sold. 68,454 shares For around August 30th $2.5 millionAccording to Data on Nasdaq.

gave New fees introduced by Unity There has been a huge outrage in the gaming industry. Fees will be charged on a per install basis only after a specified revenue and install threshold is met. The team has tried to share details about the new change. Company Unity clarified that the fee will be allotted only after creation of title. $200,000 per year And there is At least 200,000 lifetime Installs the game.

However, Unity’s clarification didn’t calm the growing hatred for the popular game engine. The furor has only grown since then, and many devs have joined in to show their distaste for the new change. The devs are considering switching to other game engines. Some are just making fun of the issue. gave Cult of the Lamb The team posted a joke about deleting their game entirely.

Overall, all the evidence points to this Insider trading has happened However, it is unclear whether selling thousands of shares ahead of the disclosure would create legal difficulties for Unity’s executives and board of directors. The community has found it. Doubtful indeed Top officials for engaging in alleged insider trading before announcing the repugnant change. There is unity. Still to be explained on the matter.

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