Unannounced single-player game Titanfall was canceled by EA



A new report revealed that EA has canceled an unannounced single-player Titanfall game.

According to Bloomberg, the game was codenamed Titanfall Legends and was to be set in the Titanfall and Apex Legends universe. The report says that the project was led by creative director Mohammad Alavi, but he left the game company in January 2022.

Back in July 2021, Respawn announced that it was developing a new single-player adventure game. It was revealed that Alavi was involved in it. After he left, it was revealed to be a first-person shooter based on mobility and style.

The cancellation of this unannounced game was claimed to have been revealed internally by EA last Wednesday. This was around the time EA canceled Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile.

legends of titanfall

EA has not made any official announcement to confirm or deny this report.



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