Two Scrapped Monsters From Silent Hill 1999’s Game Code Have Been Datamined



Story Highlights

  • YouTuber RODOLFO NUÑEZ has uncovered the test files of two scrapped monsters from Silent Hill 1999, revealing their model and animation.
  • The model belongs to a monster named “BIG” in the test files, while the animation is of a spider named “SPD.” Unfortunately, the spider does not have a model to show its features.
  • The dataminer states that these were recovered years ago, but they never made a video on them until now.
  • Although both models still lack many features, they appear to be interesting as they show the unfinished concept Team Silent made decades ago.

YouTuber RODOLFO NUÑEZ has datamined the test files of two scrapped monsters from Silent Hill 1999, which he has showcased in his video. The first monster, known as “BIG,” features a detailed model, while the second, a spider named “SPD,” features unique animation. Due to the lack of details, we can’t glean anything useful from these test files, but they serve as interesting early concepts by Team Silent.

Among the scrapped monsters, the first one’s main feature is likely its size, hence the name “BIG,” leaving us to wonder how enormous it would have been in-game. According to the dataminer, it has only one animation, which moves its torso, and one weird texture. Although a model for “BIG” exists, it lacks several essential details, including its head and other unique features, making it challenging to assess its appearance accurately.

Scrapped Big Monster Silent Hill
“BIG” Monster’s 3D Model.

Next, we have “SPD,” a spider monster with no apparent 3D model. Despite lacking a 3D model, the monster’s unique animation hints at the potential for a memorable enemy encounter. Additionally, this odd spider seems only to have 4 legs, but these 4 legs may be the only ones with animation, while the rest would have been added to the 3D model to make it look like a spider.

Scrapped Spider Monster Silent Hill
“SPD” Monster – Spider Animation

According to the dataminer who uncovered these files, the information has been in their possession for years, but they chose to release it only recently. Similar datamines have occurred in the past, and this video shows some monsters with more distinctive features. Though the reasons for scraping these will remain unknown, we can see that Team Silent tinkered with some tropes that have since become common in horror games. 

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