Two New DualSense Controller Colors Leaked Online



A new leak has revealed two previously unreleased DualSense controller colors for the PlayStation 5 and ironically this comes from the official PlayStation website.

There are currently six alternative color options available for DualSense controllers, which are as follows:

  • original white
  • midnight black
  • cosmic red
  • rosa nova
  • light blue stars
  • galactic purple
  • gray camouflage

White is the original color of the DualSense controller and there is also a special version of God of War Ragnarok which was a limited edition when the game was released. This new leak claims that there are two new colors available and the information comes from the official PlayStation website.

according to a redditorwhile visiting the PlayStation warranty site and filling in the details, a Dropdown menu it seemed to select the color of its controller. All the different colors were there, including the GOWR controller, but two new colors were added. These two colors are not yet available in retail stores, but are in the drop down box. These are the colors Metallic Gray and Metallic Red

The redditor noted that these two colors were already there for months. At first, they thought it was just a bug and would be removed soon. After checking a second time, it was still there.

two-way controller colors
Cosmic Red and Midnight Black

These two colors have been available on previous DualShock controllers, the DS3. If they did release, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the PlayStation franchise.



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