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Disney’s Twisted Wonderland is a game based on the original classics presented by Disney to players’ childhoods, basically taking them and twisting them completely 180. Instead, making seven dorms, which include students, and each dorm has been twisted magnificently. Players might want to know all details regarding the Twisted Wonderland Characters considering there are so many! 

Key Highlights: 

  • There are a total of 7 dorms, including Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Ignihyde as well as Diasomnia
  • Each dorm is a twisted version of Disney’s classic movies like The Little Mermaid, Hercules as well as The Lion King. 
  • All characters have their own personalities, preferences, ages, and heights that make them unique!
  • There are a total of 22 students in the seven dorms that are related to each other in some way, such as family backgrounds. 
  • The main benefit of knowing all characters is that you will be able to figure out which dorm and character might interest you most!

Heartslabyul Dorm 

Heartslabyul (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, we have the Heartslabyul Dorm, which has its logo as a heart with black and red, splitting it down the center with a crown on the top. As can be guessed from the logo itself, the dorm has been twisted from the classic Alice in Wonderland. The characters that will be included will be the following. 

Riddle Rosehearts 

Starting, we have our first student, Riddle Rosehearts. He is 17 years old and has his birthday set to August 24th, making him a Virgo in this regard, with his height of 160 cm. He belongs to the Queendom of Roses, his original homeland, and Natsuki Hanae voiced him. 

  • He is described to the housewarden of Heartslabyul. He is also known to be an extremely serious student, never straight off from his main goals, and follows every rule that the Queen of Hearts laid down. 
  • As for his personal preferences, his hobbies include tending to hedgehogs and taking care of them and bringing them up. His favorite food is strawberry tarts, which he can eat at any time. As for his least favorite food, he will absolutely despise any and all kinds of junk food, while his biggest pet peeve will be any kind of rule-breaking. 

Ace Trappola 

Moving on, we have our second student, who is known as Ace Trappola. His birthday falls on September 23rd, making him a Libra. He is only 16 years old, and his height is 172 cm, with his homeland also being the Queendom of Roses. Seiichiro Yamashita voices him. 

  • As for his personality, he is described as a person who can grasp concepts extremely quickly and learn things with little to no ease if he wants to do so. His personality is bubbly, lest a bit of a troublemaker as well. 
  • Now, when it comes to his personal preferences, his biggest hobby is playing card games, which allows him to master them no matter what. His favorite food has to be cherry pie, while he absolutely cannot stand the sight of raw oysters, and his pet peeve has to be dithering. 

Trey Clover 

As for the third student, we have Trey Clover in our hands, who is 18 years old, making him a bit older than his fellow dorm mates. His birthday falls on October 25th, making him a Scorpio, while he ends up having his height set to 181 cm. As for his direct family, he has a mother, father, sister, and brothers. Ryota Suzuki voiced him. 

  • He is described to be the vice housewarden of Heartslabyul, and he is described to be an absolute dad of the group. He can keep everyone in check while being able to calm things down when they get heated as well. 
  • As for his personal preferences, his hobby, albeit a weird one, is to brush his teeth as he likes his sparkly whites. His favorite food has to be candied violets, while he hates the smell and look of mustard. And his pet peeves can be pretty self-explanatory since he likes to keep his teeth clean, but he hates going to sleep without brushing them.

Cater Diamond

Another of the important Twisted Wonderland Characters is known as Cater Diamond, whose birthday falls on February 4th, making his an Aquarius, and he is 18 years old and he is 176 cm tall and also being voiced by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi.

  • His personality shines through as being carefree, not wanting to care about life’s difficulties. Still, he is also an expert in calming fights between others while knowing all the trends, no matter what they might be. 
  • For his personal preferences, his hobbies have to be going to cafes and simply enjoying the atmosphere, while he loves to eat ramen that is extremely spicy and cannot be handled by others, while he hates deserts and sweets. 

Deuce Spade 

Last but not least, Deuce Spade is the final dorm-mate that can be found in this dorm; he is 16 years old, and his birthday falls on June 3rd, making him a Gemini, while he is 173 cm tall. As for his direct family, he is known only to have a mother and grandmother, and his VA is Chiaki Kobayashi. 

  • His personality is described as a focused student, as he wants to become the strongest mage seen in the lands. While his hard work can be seen, his grades are not always up to par, and he holds himself to extremely high expectations, often upset with himself if he doesn’t keep up with his expected grades. 
  • For his preferences, his hobbies include Blastcycling, while he loves any food that has eggs embedded into it, be it boiled, fried eggs, or even deserts. He hates Bell Peppers with everything in himself, and his biggest pet peeves have to be sales that don’t last long enough for him to get his hands on the sales. 

Savanaclaw Dorm 

Savanaclaw (Image Credits Exputer)

The next dorm we would like to cover will be known as the Savanaclaw Dorm, which has been completely twisted and taken from the Lion King, everyone’s favorite childhood movie. 

Leona Kingscholar 

As for the first student in the dorm, we have Leona Kingscholar, who is 20 years old, and his birthday falls on July 27th, making him a Leo. he is 185cm tall. When it comes to his homeland, he belongs to the Sunset Savanna, and his direct family includes his older brother Falena, his sister-in-law, and his nephew. Yuichiro Umehara also voices him. 

  • He is known to be the housewarden of Savanaclaw, and his personality includes a lazy attitude toward everything in life. At the same time, his ego is also so high that he thinks everyone is practically below him. He addresses everyone with an authoritarian attitude and thinks of them as low. 
  • He is adept at chess, making that his favorite hobby, while he hates the idea of having to take care of kids as well as ever having kids. He loves to eat anything with meat, while he hates vegetables. 

Jack Howl 

The next character we would like to feature will be Jack Howl, who has his birthday set to October 11th, making him a libra, and he is only 16 years, making him one of the youngest students. However, he is quite tall, with him standing tall at 192 cm. Taito Ban voices him. 

  •  His personality shines through with him being extremely orderly. He likes to focus on his own goals, while he is consistently looking to improve himself, be it his personality or his own goals. He doesn’t like to interact with others but will never look down on people. 
  • He quite interestingly likes to grow cacti and cater to them, while he does not like to stand around and argue or have pointless conversations. He likes to eat Pear Compote, while he hates green onions. 

Ruggie Bucchi 

The final student of the dorm will be Ruggie Bucchi, who will be 17 years old while he stands at 171 cm. His birthday is on April 18th, which automatically makes him an Aries. His homeland is also the Sunset Savanna, with him being related to his grandmother and his now-departed mom and dad. His VA is Aoi Ichikawa. 

  • Ruggie is rather unfortunate, considering he grew up in extremely poor conditions, it makes him do anything he can to get his hands on food, and he will mostly be responsible for picking up after Leona. 
  • His hobbies include taking part in jobs and just working hard in general, while he hates losing and having to suffer through any losses in life. He loves to eat donuts, but he hates eating rotten food. 

Octavinelle Dorm 

The third dorm will be the Octavinelle Dorm, which will be twisted from the Little Mermaid movie that every kid must’ve seen when they were younger, and there will be three students, Azul, Jade as well as Floyd. 

Azul Ashengrotto 

The first student will be Azul Ashengrotto, who will be 17, while his birthday will fall on February 24th, and he will be 176 cm tall. He has a mother, father, as well as step-father, and grandmother, and his VA is Atsushi Tamaru. 

  • Azul is assigned to be the Housewarden of Octavinelle and is adept at benign able to gather any kind of info by being able to own and run a proper cafe. While he might seem innocent, that’s only surface-level. 
  • He loves to collect coins as his hobby, while he likes to work hard to achieve things, and won’t like to leave things happening by luck or chance. He loves to eat fried chicken but hates having a healthy diet. 

Floyd Leech 

As for the next of the Twisted Wonderland Characters we have Floyd Leech, who is 17, and he is 191 cm tall, ad his birthday falls on November 5th, making him a Scorpio. He has a twin brother named Jade Leech, and he also has a mom and dad. Nobuhiko Okamoto voiced him. 

  • Floyd has a rather abrasive personality, being able to switch moods from one to another with ultimate ease, which makes him incredibly difficult to predict. 
  • His favorite pastime has to be by dancing his heart out, no matter where and when, and he does not like to be held back by anything. He enjoys eating Takoyaki a lot, while he despises eating shiitake mushrooms

Jade Leech 

The final member of the Octavinelle Dorm is Jade Leech, twin to Floyd, making him also 17, while he is 190 cm, and his homeland is the Coral Sea. Wataru Komada voiced him. 

  • He is known to be the vice housewarden of the Octavinelle dorms, and his personality is quite the opposite of his twin since he treats everyone with respect. 
  • He likes to keep and build terrariums, while he loves to eat Octopus Carpaccio but hates eating conger eel. 

Scarabia Dorm 

Scarabia (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the Twisted Wonderland Characters in the fourth dorm, they will be Kalim Al-Asim and Jamil Viper, and as can be expected from the names, the dorm is a direct twist from the iconic Aladdin. 

Jamil Viper 

Jamil is the first student in the Scarabia Dorm and will be known as Jamil Viper; they will be 17 and 175 cm tall. His birthday will be on September 12th, making him a Virgo. He has a younger sister named Najma and a mom and dad, and he will be voiced by Kaname Futaba

  • Jamil will be appointed as the Vice Housewarden of the dorms, and he spent his childhood serving Kalim’s family. 
  • He loves to breakdance and practices whenever he can get the chance, and he loves to devour curry like anything else since it is his favorite food, while he hates consuming dates. He also hates having to go near or touch any bugs. 

Kalim Al-Asim 

The second and final part of the Scarabia Dorm is Kalim Al-Asim, who is 17, and is 168 cm, and has his birthday on June 25th, making him a Cancer. His homeland is the Scalding sands, and Kazuki Furuta voiced him. 

  • He is always known to have a bubbly personality, and though he is extremely wealthy, he has never once shown it off, instead being extremely courteous to Jamil. 
  • He loves to party, making him an utter extrovert; however, he hates being or eating food alone, and speaking of it, he loves to drink coconut juice but hates curry. 

Pomefiore Dorm 

Pomefiore (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto the fifth dorm, an adaptation of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, we are presented with the Pomefiore Dorm, which features Vil, Epel, and Rook Hunt as the students. 

Vil Schoenheit 

We have Vil Schoenheit, his birthday set for April 9th; he is 18 years old. He is about 183 cm tall, while he also belongs to the Shaftlands, and the only family he has is his father. As for his VA, it is Hiroki Aiba. 

  • Being the housewarden of the Pomefiore dorms, he is exceedingly handsome and will do anything to maintain his beauty. 
  • One of his favorite pastimes is doing simple yoga since it relaxes him enough and doesn’t put in too much effort. He loves to drink smoothies that he can put together himself but hates mayonnaise. 

Epel Felmier 

The next student will be Epel Felmier, who is quite on the shorter end, only being 156 cm and being aged 16. His birthday is on May 6th, which makes him a Taurus, and he belongs to the Harveston homelands and is voiced by Shimba Tsuchiya. 

  • When it comes to his personality, he is extremely mysterious, rarely speaking to anyone, and mostly keeps to himself. 
  • He loves going on road trips, but he hates when other people consider him a girl. He loves to eat macarons but does not like to consume apple pears. 

Rook Hunt

Next up, we have Rook Hunt, who is 18, 177 cm in height, and was born on December 2nd, being a Sagittarius and is voiced by Yojiro Itokawa. 

  • He is assigned to be the vice housewarden of Pomefiore, and he looks up to both Epel and Vil simply because of the handsome they both consider him to be, and he strives to maintain his beauty as well. 
  • He loves to enjoy watching theatric plays and eating Liver pate but does not like to eat any food with garlic in it. 

Ignihyde Dorm 

Ignihyde (Image Credits Exputer)

The next set of Twisted Wonderland Characters will belong to the Ignihyde Dorm, and it will be a direct twisted version of Hercules. The two main characters that will be in the dorms will be Idia Shroud as well as Ortho Shroud

Ortho Shroud 

The first character in the Ignihyde Dorm will be Ortho Shroud, who will be an undefined age because he is a robot. His birthday falls on August 14th, which makes him a Leo, and he is 148 cm tall. His direct family is Idia, his older brother, and is voiced by Shouta Aoi. 

  • Ortho is extremely caring and understanding of everything that is going on around him. However, he has quite a curious personality
  • He loves to play board games and any kind, and he does not like being in lightning. 

Idia Shroud 

Ortho’s older brother will be Idia Shroud, born on December 18th and is 18 years old. He belongs to the Island of Woe, is 183 cm tall, and is voiced by Koki Uchiyama. 

  • Idia is the housewarden of the Ignihyde dorms, and he is anything but social, being able to hide away from everything and everyone quite well until his personality pops out randomly when he starts to interact a lot. 
  • He loves gaming on his PC and video games, while he hates human interactions. He loves deserts and sweet things but hates fish. 

Diasomnia Dorm 

Diasomnia (Image Credits Exputer)

The final dorm that we would like to cover will be a spinoff from the classic The Sleeping Beauty and will contain four main students: Malleus, Sebek, Silver, and Lilia. 

Malleus Draconia

Starting things off, we have Malleus Draconia, who was born on January 18th, making him a Capricorn; however, when it comes to his age, it is completely unknown, but he is quite on the taller end, making him stand high at 202 cm. He belongs to the Briar Valley, and Kazuki Kato voiced him. 

  • He is appointed to be the housewarden of Diasomnia dorms, and he is known to be one of the strongest mages out there, and none can beat him in being the best mage. He has gained an immense amount of respect from people. 
  • He loves hunting around in undiscovered and broken-down ruins, and he does not like interacting with technology. However, he does have a thing for ice cream. 

Sebek Zigvolt 

Moving on, we have Sebek Zigvolt, who is 16 years old, making him a younger dorm-mate than most in Diasomnia, and he is 188cm tall, and his birthday falls on March 17th, making him a Pisces. He has family connections with his grandfather, mother, and father, as well as his older sister and brother, and is voiced by Haruki Ishiya

  • When it comes to his personality, he can have immense amounts of energy. Still, unfortunately, he isn’t able to achieve all that much with the amount of enthusiasm he puts into his efforts. 
  • He loves to help out Malleus in any way that he can, and he also is sort of a bookworm, but he does not like people who throw tantrums. He loves to eat Salmon carpaccio but despises straight black coffee.  


Next up, we have Silver, who happens to be the third dorm mate in Diasomnia. He was born on May 15th, which makes him a Taurus, and he is only 17 years old and stands with his height being 176 cm. He is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki and belongs to the Briar Valley. He has a foster father named Lilia Vanrouge. 

  • When it comes to his personality, he is a person who can keep his calm no matter what and can take care of Malleus no matter what. While he does remain collected, there are a few times when he might end up being a little tired and exhausted due to his arrogant efforts. 
  • He loves to train and make himself stronger, but he does not like to sit around idle and do nothing; he enjoys eating mushroom risotto but does not like any of the food that Lilia makes. 

Lilia Vanrouge 

Last but not least, we have Lilia Vanrouge as one of the Twisted Wonderland Characters in Diasomnia. He was born on January 1st, making him a Capricorn while he is on the shorter end, only 158 cm, but his age is quite unknown. He has a foster son named Silver, and he also belongs to the Briar Valley. 

  • He is the Vice housewarden of the Diasomnia dorms and is mainly in charge of caring for Malleus. 
  • As for his personal preferences, he loves to travel but only if he is alone and not being accompanied by anyone else, but he likes to have everything in his sight. He does not like to search for things. He loves to drink tomato juice but does not like sweet things, specifically marshmallows. 


And there we have it! All seven dorms are covered, alongside all the characters in them too! And with that, we will wrap up our Twisted Wonderland Characters guide! 

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