Twin Peaks may get a video game adaptation, new findings suggest.



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  • A recent leak suggests that Twin Peaks may be getting a video game adaptation, though not a major one.
  • Fans should also note that the leak doesn’t come with much proof, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • The IP has been dormant for several years now, and if it turns out to be true, it could finally be time for Twin Peaks to return to gaming in 2019 after a failed VR project.
  • Freelancer, whose resume points to this adaptation, has worked primarily on indie games, suggesting that this might be a low-budget project if it exists.

Edward Dennis’ resume recently came up in the Twin Peaks community as a young freelance artist/game designer who seems to be “Working with Paramount Pictures on a video adaptation of their ‘Twin Peaks’ property” (Thanks, u/TheCowrus, u/CharlieAllnut). Although it does not specifically mention “Video game adaptationFans hope this is an upcoming game.

Resume of Edward Dennis
Resume of Edward Dennis.

For the uninitiated, Twin Peaks is a very popular one. The cult classic show From the 90s it has elements of mystery, horror, comedy, romance, melodrama and more. What may affect your interest is what it has affected. Several notable titlesIncluding Deadly Premonition, Alan Wake, Silent Hill, and even The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Despite being an old TV show, it has a A few attempts To return to the media through various means. In 2019, a Official Twin Peaks VR The game was released, but it was completely built A one man studio. As you’d expect, the quality wasn’t up to the mark, and no one but the dedicated Twin Peaks community knew it existed. It received only a few reviews. steamof which there were many. disappointed.

This title became more popularly known as Ek. 10 Minute Walking Simulator Among the handful of people who played it. Before coming to Steam, it was planned to be released. Multiple platformsbut perhaps due to poor reception, it was Finally finished. on the other hand, David Lynchwas apparently the creator of Twin Peaks with Mark Frost. 2019 to work on a Netflix series called “The Unrecorded Night”..

It was a show though. Not confirmed To relate to Twin Peaks, fans of the cult classic were hoping to see something, but to everyone’s dismay, it was never heard Again, to be apparent Cancel. As such, the series itself has been inactive since 2017, while The third season Released after such a long time. Due to dry period And considering the success of the IP, it deserves its own video game adaptation.

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one of the Many reasons Fans believe Dennis’ reboot is a nod to the video game adaptation because The freelancer has since removed any mention of the project.. After circulating in the community for some time, Dennis could see it and make a decision. Remove it completely. It is also possible that this is the case. Totally irrelevant; In either case, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high.

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