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Honkai Star Rail has some of the best character rosters to choose from, ranging from which characters like Bronya, Himeko, Bailu, Seele, and Clara are some of the best characters that can be chosen. At the current stage of Honkai Star Rail, the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds for these characters aren’t all that difficult, as the lightcones, relics, team comps, traces, and more are fully discussed in detail. 

Important: Most of the mentioned relics need not be farmed until Trailblazer Level 40 is achieved since that level is required to farm gold relics. 

  • The best build in Honkai Star Rail requires relics, proper light cones, a viable team comp to boost the character at hand and use their playstyle in combat. 


Himeko (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, the first character that I would like to focus on is Himeko, perhaps one of the hottest and most valuable characters in Honkai Star Rail. She is a five-star Fire DPS unit that typically focuses on AoE damage. 

As she belongs to the Erudition path, she can deal immense amounts of multi-target damage and will typically be able to take out larger groups of enemies. 

Best Light Cones

Himeko's Light Cone
Himeko’s Light Cone (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to focusing on the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds For Himeko, below listed are some of the best light cones that might make her shine as a multi-target DPS

  • Before Dawn (5 Star): End sup enhances the wearer’s overall crit damage by 36% and increases the skill and ultimate damage by 18%. With that, after the wearer uses their skill or ultimate ability, they gain Somnus Corpus, and the follow-up attack damage gets enhanced by 48%. 
  • Night On The Milky Way (5 Star): For every opponent on the team, it enhances the overall damage by 9.0% with up to 5 stacks. 
  • The Seriousness Of Breakfast (4 Star): Enhances the wearer’s damage by 12%; for every defeated enemy, the wearer’s attack will increase by 4%. 
  • The Birth Of The Self (4 Star): Enhances the damage dealt by the wearer’s follow-up attack by 24%. If the opponent’s current HP is below 50%, it will increase the damage by follow-up attacks by 24%. 

Best Relics 

Himeko Relic Option
Himeko Relic Option (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next thing that I’d like to focus on is some of the best Relic sets For Himeko, which come in 2 and 4 pieces. 

  • Firesmith Of Lava-Forging (5 Star): The 2-piece set increases Fire Damage for Himeko, and the 4-piece set increases the skill damage by 12%. 
  • Musketeer Of Wild Wheat: The 2 piece increases attack by 12%, and the four-piece set allows the wearer to increase their speed by 6% and basic attack by 10%. 

Other than that, the Ornament Set that can be put on Himeko is as follows: 

  • Space Sealing Station: The 2-piece set increases the attack by 12%, and when the speed reaches 120 or higher, the attack increases further by 12%. 
  • Planar Ornament: The 2 piece set increases the crit rate by 8%, and when the wearer’s crit rate reaches 50% or higher, the ultimate and follow-up attack damage increases by 15%. 

Team Comps 

When it comes to her team compsthe best characters that will work with her are Tingyun, Hook, Serval, Pela, Natasha, Bailu, Fire MC, and Asta. Below listed are the team comps that can work with her. 

Team Comp         
1 Himeko  Hook  Pela  Natasha 
2 Himeko  Bronya  Pela  Bailu 
3 Himeko  Tingyun  Bronya  Bailu 
4 Himeko  Hook  Asta  Fire MC
5 Himeko  Serval  Asta  Natasha


Himeko Traces
Himeko Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding her playstyle, she is a main DPS that can deal excellent AoE damage to enemies. 

  • Whenever she triggers the Weakness Break, she can deal with a follow-up attack on enemies. 
  • For enemies that she has burned, she deals even more damage to them and can completely annihilate them. 

When it comes to her skills, they are as follows:

  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic Attack)
  • Victory Rush (Talent)
  • Molten Detonation (Skill)
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate)
  • Incomplete Combustion (Technique)


Seele (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next character that will be introduced is Seele, who is a 5-star quantum character that is an SS-ranked unit that belongs to the Hunt path, which means that she can excel at dealing single-target damage to her enemies, and while she can’t do all that much AoE damage, the single-target damage dealt by her is insanely good. 

She can only be pulled through the Event banner since she does not belong to either the Beginner Warp or the Standard banners. 

Best Light Cones 

Seele's Light Cone
Seele’s Light Cone (Image Credits Exputer)

Next, let’s look at some of the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds And Light Cones For Seele that can make her even more broken in combat. 

  • In The Light (5 Star): Increases the wearer’s overall crit rate by 18% and increases the basic attack and skill damage by 6% and ultimate crit damage by 12% for every 10 speed that exceeds 100 while in combat. 
  • Sleep Like The Dead (5 Star): Enhances the wearer’s overall crit damage by 30%, and when the wearer’s basic attack or skill does not crit, it enhances their overall crit rate by 36% for one turn. 
  • Cruising In The Stellar Sea (5 Star): Enhances the wearer’s overall crit rate by 8% and enhances the crit rate for opponents who have less than 50% by an extra 8%. 
  • Only Silence Remains (4 Star): Enhances the attack by 16%, and if there are less than 2 enemies on the field, the crit rate increases by 12%. 
  • Darting Arrow (3 Star): Whenever the wearer defeats an opponent, it increases the attack by 24% for 3 turns. 

Best Relics 

Seele's Best Relics
Seele’s Best Relics (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding Relics for Seele, I use the Genius of Brilliant Stars set, but below listed are two of the best sets that can be used alongside the ornament set. 

  • Genius Of Brilliant Stars: The overall quantum damage will be increased by 10% for the 2-piece set, while the 4-piece allows 25% defense to be ignored for dealing damage to enemies weak to Quantum. 
  • Musketeer Of Wild Wheat: The 2 piece enhances attack by 12%, while the 4-piece increases the wearer’s speed by 6%, and the basic attack damage gets enhanced by 10%. 

As for the Ornament Set, below mentioned sets can be used.

  • Space Sealing Station: The 2-piece set offers an increase in an attack by 12%, and when the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or more, the attack is further increased by 12%.  
  • Celestial Differentiator: The 2 piece set enhances the crit rate by 8%, and when the crit rate reaches 80% or higher, the overall basic attack and skill damage is enhanced by 20%. 

Team Comps 

Lastly, a few team comps that should be focused on will be listed below. However, an optimal Hyper-carry team will feature Seele, Bronya, any healer such as Bailu or even Natasha, and support like Tingyun. 

Team Comp         
1 Seele  Bronya  Tingyun  Bailu 
2 Seele  Welt  Asta  Luocha 
3 Seele  Bronya  Natasha Tingyun 
4 Seele  Welt  Asta  Natasha


Seele’s Playstyle is extremely enigmatic, as she is a Quantum, she shines against enemies weaker than Quantum, and since she belongs to the Hunt, she will mainly excel at being a main DPS hyper-carry character that deals immense amounts of single-target damage to opponents

As far as skills are concerned, she has traces like: 

  • Thwack (Basic Attack)
  • Resurgence (Talent)
  • Sheathed Blade (Skill)
  • Butterfly Flurry (Ultimate)
  • Phantom Illusion (Technique)


Bronya (Image Credits Exputer)

Another character that deserves only the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds is Bronya, who happens to be a five-star character who is of the Wind element. She is one of the most broken supports available in Honkai Star Rail as of version 1.0. 

She belongs to the Harmony, through which she can provide her allies with buffs and cooperate with her fellow teammates to boost the party’s overall battle power. She can be pulled from the limited character banners, the Departure warp, and even the stellar warp banner since she is a standard character. 

Best Light Cones

Bronya's Light Cone
Bronya’s Light Cone (Image Credits Exputer)

A few five-star options can be used for Bronya’s Build In Honkai Star Rail, but for people who don’t want to spend money, there are also free-to-play options, as listed below. 

  • But The Battle Isn’t Over (5 Star): Enahcnes the wearer’s Energy Regeneration rate by 10% and regenerates one skill point whenever NBronya uses her ultimate on the opponent. This effect can be triggered after 2 uses of the ultimate. 
  • Carve The Moon Weave The Clouds (4 Star): Towards the start of the battle and whenever the wearer’s turn starts, either the attack of the allies gets buffed by 10%, or the crit damage gets increased by 12% or the energy regeneration rate is enhanced by 6%. 
  • Dance! Dance! Dance! (4 Star): Whenever Bronya uses her ultimate, her teammate’s actions will advance by 16%. 
  • Past And Future (4 Star): Anytime the wearer ends up using their skill, the next teammate will deal enhanced damage by 16% for one turn. 
  • Mediation (3 Star): Upon entering a battle, all teammates will receive 12 enhanced speeds for one turn. 

Best Relics 

Bronya's Ornament Set
Bronya’s Ornament Set Option (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding her Best relics, two main sets can work splendidly on her and allow her to shine through everything practically. 

  • Thief Of Shooting Meteor: The 2-piece set increases the break effect by 16% while the 4-piece set allows the Break Effect to get enhanced by 16%. Whenever Weakness Break is achieved on an opponent, it regenerates 3 energy. 
  • Eagle Of Twilight Line: The 2 damage enhances wind damage by 10% while the four-piece set will allow the wearer to use their ultimate and have their action forwarded by 25%. 

As for the Ornament sets, the below-listed options can work best. 

  • Sprightly Vonwacq: The 2 piece increases Energy Regeneration by 5%, and when the wearer’s speed reaches 145 or higher, the action gets forwarded by 50% instantly after entering battle. 
  • Fleet Of The Ageless: The overall HP is increased by 12%, and when the overall speed reaches 120 or more, all teammates have their attack increased by 8%. 

Team Comps 

The best team that Bronya will fit in is with Seele, buffing her main damage output, with Tingyun as another excellent support and Natasha or Bailu as the healer, but the below-listed team comps can work too. 

Team Comp         
1 Jing Yuan  Bronya  Pela  Bailu 
2 Tingyun Dan Heng Bronya  Natasha 
3 Seele  Tingyun  Bronya  Bailu 
4 Tingyun Yanqing  Bronya  Gepard 
5 Arlan  Tingyun  Bronya  March 7th


Bronya Traces
Bronya Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to her overall playstyle, Bronya will make use of her Harmony path to buff fellow allies such as Seele and make them even more cracked while fighting enemies or doing Echoes of War or calyxes. 

  • She is an excellent offensive buffer and can act as one of the most cracked supports in Honkai Star Rail. 

As far as her skills are concerned, they are as follows. 

  • Banner Of Command (Technique)
  • Windrider Buller (Basic Attack)
  • Combat Redeployment (Skill)
  • The Belobog March (Ultimate)
  • Leading The Way (Talent)


Clara (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving onto Clara, she is another excellent unit who happens to be a five-star physical character that belongs to the Destruction path, through which she can excel at attacking opponents from the frontlines. She will do even better if she is fighting alone in the middle of the battle. 

She can be pulled by warping on the beginner, departure, or even the event banners, but a 50/50 needs to be lost on the event banner to get her, and even then, there is a low chance of getting her (I should know I pulled her on Seele’s banner ????

Best Light Cones 

Clara's Light Cone
Clara’s Light Cone (Image Credits Exputer)

To optimize the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds For Clara, a proper light cone that can enhance her attack is crucial. I’m using On The Fall Of An Aeon since it’s too broken to ignore. 

  • Something Irreplaceable (5 Star): Enhances the wearer’s attack by 24%, and whenever an enemy is hit or defeated, it will restore HP equal to 8% of the wearer’s base attack. 
  • On The Fall Of An Aeon (5 Star): Anytime the enemy is attacked, the attack is enhanced by 8%, and this effect can be stacked 4 times, and when Weakness Break has been inflicted on opponents, the overall damage increases by 12% for two turns. 
  • Under The Blue Sky (4 Star): Enhances the overall attack for the wearer by 16%, and whenever an opponent is defeated, the crit rate gets enhanced by 12% for 3 turns. 
  • The Moles Welcome You (4 Star): If a basic attack, skill or ultimate is used to attack opponents, the wearer gains one stack of Mishceives, enhancing the attack by 12%. 
  • Shattered Home (3 Star): Deals 20% enhanced damage to any opponent whose HP is above 50%. 

Best Relics 

Clara's Best Relics
Clara’s Best Relics (Image Credits Exputer)

As for further building her up and making her even more cracked, the best relic set for her will 100% be the Champion Of Streetwise Boxing

  • Champion Of Streetwise Boxing: The 2 piece set increases the overall physical damage by 10%. In contrast, the 4 pieces enhance the attack by 5% after the wearer attacks the enemy or gets hit. 
  • Space Sealing Station: This is the best 2 piece ornament set as it increases the attack by 12%. 

Team Comps 

Regarding her team comps, she can work extremely well with Jing Yuan, Tingyun, Pela, March 7th, and Asta. 

Team Comp         
1 Jing Yuan  Clara Asta  March 7th
2 Clara  Pela  Asta  March 7th 
3 Clara  Tingyun Asta  March 7th


Clara Traces
Clara Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

Clara is hands down one of the best counterattack-based DPSes in Honkai Star Rail. Anytime she gets hit by an enemy, Svarog comes to her rescue and retaliates by hiding her under his wing, attacking back towards the enemy and dealing physical damage. 

  • Any opponent marked with the Mark of Counter will take more damage from Svarog, as that robot is ruthless and will bring hell upon anyone that hurts Clara. 

Lastly, below listed are her skills

  • Small Price For Victory (Technique) 
  • I Want To Help (Basic Attack) 
  • Svarog Watches Over You (Skill) 
  • Promise Not Command (Ultimate) 
  • Because We’re Family (Ultimate)


Bailu (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, let’s look at what the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds might be for Bailu, a Lightning five-star character who belongs to the Abundance Path, which means she can heal her fellow allies, and allows them to stay alive for longer. 

Bailu is a standard character and can be pulled from any of the three banners from the Departure, stellar Warp or the main event banner. 

Best Light Cones

Bailu's Light Cone
Bailu’s Light Cone (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding her light cones, quite a few options can be used. 

  • Time Waits For No One (5 Star): The overall max HP is enhanced by 18%, and outgoing healing is increased by 12%. When an ally attacks an opponent, a random opponent also takes 36% of the outgoing healing value.
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Night (4 Star): The overall max HP is enhanced by 16%, and anytime a basic attack or skill is used, all teammates’ HP will be restored by an amount equivalent to their max HP. 
  • Post-Op Conversation (4 Star): The overall energy regeneration rate is enhanced by 8%, and the outgoing healing is increased by 12% whenever the ultimate is used. 

Best Relics 

Bailu's Best Relics
Bailu’s Best Relics (Image Credits Exputer)

The best relic set that can work incredibly work for her is Passerby Of Wandering Cloud, which allows the two-piece set to increase the outgoing healing by 10%, while the 4 piece allows one skill point to be recovered at the start of a battle. 

  • The Fleet Of The Ageless is an excellent ornament set that increases the max HP for Bailu by 12%, and if her speed reaches 120 or more, then the attack for all teammates will be increased by 8%. 

Team Comp 

Since Bailu is so universal, and since she is one of the best healers available right now, she can fit into *any team comp*, but below listed are a few options. 

Team Comp         
1 Seele  Bronya  Asta  Bailu 
2 Welt Himeko  Asta  Bailu 
3 Sampo  Sampo  Hook  Bailu 
4 Dan Heng  Serval  Asta  Bailu 
5 Bronya   Jing Yuan Pela  Bailu


Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, Bailu will prove to be an excellent Healer for any team she fits into, and with her Abundance path, she can fulfill her role as a Healer while allowing her teammates to stay alive for her long and letting the main DPS shine through. 

As far as her skills are concerned, they are listed as follows. 

  • Saunter In The Rain (Technique) 
  • Diagnostic Kick (Basic Attack)
  • Singing Among Clouds (Skill)
  • Felicitous Thunderleap (Ultimate) 
  • Gourdful Of Elixir (Talent)


And that’s it! All that players need to know about Honkai Star Rail Best Builds, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not check out How To Get Kafka Honkai Star Rail guide, which will detail how Kafka can be obtained? If Warp Trotters are what you desire to locate, then the Honkai Star Rail Warp Trotter guide can be helpful!

The triple authentication door can be pretty tricky to open. Therefore, a read of the Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication guide is a must!

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