Top 22 BEST Bows In Skyrim



Archery is one of the most fun playstyles in Skyrim. The massive beloved RPG is filled to the brim with many unique and strong bows. Our guide will let you all about where are the best bows in Skyrim, how to acquire them, and what made us pick them for our list. 

Key Takeaways

  • Players can use various weapons and adapt to different playstyles, and archery is one of them.
  • Like every other play style, the player will need strong bows and gear to be a great & and deadly archer.
  • The strongest bows in the game either have to be looted or require that the player complete a quest to get them.
  • Archery is a favorite playstyle among players who don’t enjoy the melee combat of Skyrim.
  • As an archer, you can keep a long distance and let your companions handle the close-quarters combat.
  • The Forsworn Bow is the most crude-looking bow in the game. 
  • Drainspell Bow is a transparent bow that looks like it oozes magicka
  • Archery and Mage are both styles loved by gamers who keep their distance. Mage has more possibilities, but an Archer is more deadly and quick. 
  • Auriel’s Bow is a favorite among The Legend of Zelda fans, as it is also obviously inspired by the franchise. It being able to interact with the sun makes it extra appealing to many gamers. 
  • Bow of Shadows is a very recent overpowered addition to the game, and it makes the player go invisible when drawn.
  • Karliah’s Bow is objectively the strongest in the game, but it requires the use of Console Commands
  • Dwarven Blacbow of Fate has the chance to absorb 25 points of health, Magicka, or stamina.

Skyrim Best Bows & Comparison

Here is a brief look at the comparison between the Bows in Skyrim:

No. Bows Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
22 Dravin’s Bow 7.0 7.0 50.0 0.937 Leather Strips Steel
21 Angi’s Bow 7.0 7.0 50.0 0.937 Steel Ingot Steel
20 Bow Of The Hunt 10.0 7.0 434.0 0.937 Steel Ingot Steel
19 Falmer Bow 12.0 15.0 135.0 0.75 Chaurus Chitin None
18 Forsworn Bow 12.0 11.0 145.0 0.875 Steel Ingot Steel
17 Zephyr Bow 12.0 10.0 670.0 1.0 Dwarven Metal Ingot Dwarven
16 Elven Bow 13.0 12.0 470.0 0.687 Refined Moonstone Elven
15 Nordic Bow 13.0 11.0 580.0 0.6875 Quicksilver Ingot Advanced
14 Firiniel’s End 13.0 12.0 785.0 0.687 Refined Moonstone Elven
13 Gauldur Blackbow 14.0 18.0 530.0 0.875 Steel Ingot Dwarven
12 Drainspell Bow 14.0 6.0 458.0 0.875 N/A None
11 Falmer Supple Bow 12.0 15.0 135.0 0.75 Chaurus Chitin None
10 Glass Bow Of The Stag Prince 16.0 14.0 375.0 0.625 Refined Malachite Glass
9 Ebony Bow 17.0 16.0 1440.0 0.562 Ebony Ingot Ebony
8 Stalhrim Bow 17.0 15.0 1800.0 0.5625 Stalhrim Ebon
7 Bow Of Shadows 19.0 18.0 2500.0 0.937 Ebony ingot N/A
6 Daedric Bow 19.0 18.0 2500.0 0.5 Ebony Ingot Daedric
5 Dragonborne Bow 20.0 20.0 2725.0 0.75 Dragon Bone Dragon
4 Nightingale Bow 19.0 18.0 3405.0 0.5 Ebony Ingot None
3 Karliah’s Bow 25.0 9.0 5.0 0.625 N/A None
2 Auriel’s Bow 13.0 11.0 1000.0 1.0 Refined Moonstone Elven
1 Dwarven Blackbow Of Fate 13.0 10.0 1446.0 0.75 Ebony Ingot Dwarven

22. Dravin’s Bow

where to find Dravin's bow complete guide
The appearance of Dravin’s bow | Screenshot from eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
7 7 50 0.937 Leather Strips Steel

To start it off, we have Dravin’s Bow. It is a regular bow with low damage of 7, but it is certainly one of the best-starting weapons. While the bow is a unique weapon, it physically looks like a clone of a Hunting bow.

Moreover, It is an okay weapon that has a nice draw rate, but the main reason it secured itself a spot on our best bows in the Skyrim guide is because of how easy it is to obtain.

You don’t even have to start the “Bow to the Master” quest. You can get it without ever interacting with Dravin. Make your way to the Ratway Vaults as you usually do during the quest and get it from the exact same spot it is at during the quest. 


  • Damage: 7
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 50 Coins.
  • How To Get: Obtained during the quest “Bow to the Master.”

21. Angi’s Bow

how to complete angi's challenges and quest to get her bow guide
The bow rewarded to the player by Angi | Captured by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
7 7 50 0.937 Steel Ingot Steel

Visually it looks exactly like Dravin’s bow and has the same stats as well. It is rewarded to the player after doing a quest that is about archery and is a very fun one.

Overall, we think Angi’s bow is a better choice as it is a reward you earn for showing off your archer skills. Out of all the best bows in Skyrim, you only get this one for showing your skills off.


  • Damage: 7
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 50 Coins.
  • How To Get: Do Angi’s training in the quest “Composure, Speed, & Precision.”

20. Bow Of The Hunt

bow of the hunt animals damging stats
The best bow for hunters | Image provided by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
10 7 434 0.937 Steel Ingot Steel

Bow of the Hunt is made especially for the players who love hunting animals in Skyrim. It has decent damage of 10, but it deals 20 points of extra damage to animals. Swapping to this during the beginning of the game to take care of the wildlife is a very viable strategy.

In addition, the appearance of the bow is nothing special, even though it is an entirely unique weapon in every other way. Another noteworthy thing regarding the appearance is that it doesn’t glow even when the player applies enchantments to it. 


  • Damage: 10
  • Special Effects: 20 extra damage to animals. 
  • Selling Value: 434 Coins.
  • How To Get: Get it from an altar on the rear side of the cave at “Clearspring Tarn.”

19. Falmer Bow

Falmer bow vs Falmer Supple bow
Both Falmer bows share the same appearance | Image by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
12 15 135 0.75 Chaurus Chitin None

The Falmer bow is the standard version of the Falmer Supple bow, which you will read about later on in our guide. With a base damage of 12 and easy accessibility, it is an excellent weapon you can come across in the early areas of Skyrim. 

Both variants of the Falmer bow share the exact same appearance, but the Supple one is simply an upgraded version of the regular one. Even though the Supple variant is better, the regular Falmer bow can wreak some havoc too.


  • Damage: 12
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 135 Coins.
  • How To Get: Get it from the corpses of Falmer’s enemies.

18. Forsworn Bow

forsworn bow wallpaper
The deadly Forsworn bow | Screenshot grab eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
12 11 145 0.875 Steel Ingot Steel

The brutal design of the Forsworn bow perfectly depicts how you will be mercilessly killing your foes with it. It is a very popular preference among players who want their Skyrim archer to look ruthless.

The 12 base damage can make plenty of early sections of Skyrim a cakewalk if you aim your shots right. Getting it is also reasonably easy. Just make your way to a Forsworn camp, and you will eventually run across it as they are present in high quantity. 


  • Damage: 12
  • Special Effects: None
  • Selling Value: 145 Coins. 
  • How To Get: Get it from the “Forsworn” people.

17. Zephyr Bow

zephyr bow how to get from Katria
Katria’s Zephy bow | Screenshot by us at eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
12 10 670 1.0 Dwarven Metal Ingot Dwarven

“Lost to the Ages” is a very intriguing quest, especially if you are roleplaying as an archer. Katria is a ghost who guides the player during the quest, and during it, she will show you the place where she met her end. The player can then obtain her signature weapon, the Zephyr bow, from there.

The 30 percent faster firing rate might not seem like much at first, but we assure you that it is a game changer, especially in the early to mid-game. 12 base damage is appreciable, and it becomes super deadly when you are constantly launching arrows. It is a very good bow that you should get if you can.

Acquiring the Zephyr bow is just another good reason to experience this tragic quest where a ghost interacts with the player. It is among our favorite bows on our best bows in the Skyrim guide.


  • Damage: 12
  • Special Effects: 30 percent faster firing rate than a regular bow.
  • Selling Value: 670 Coins.
  • How To Get: Obtained from Katria’s corpse during the “Lost to the Ages” quest

16. Elven Bow

the best bow for elves
The Elven bow | Captured by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
13 12 470 0.687 Refined Moonstone Elven

Next up is the Elven bow. We consider it to be among some of the very best-looking weaponry in the game. It has a really appealing design which would go perfectly well with an elven protagonist. Getting it is simple but will require patience, as it only appears in the game after the player passes level 19.

Once you are strong enough, it will be hard to miss as it is available almost everywhere. Even regular enemies start carrying it, and it can be bought from various merchants


  • Damage: 13
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 470 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be bought from merchants or found in loot after reaching level 20.

15. Nordic Bow

the nordic bow guide where to get
The standard Nordic bow in Skyrim | Screenshot from us at eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
13 11 580 0.6875 Quicksilver Ingot Advanced

Up next, we have the Nordic bow. It is a Dragonborn DLC exclusive bow that the players can get, and it is among some of the best early-game bows. Just like most common bows in the game, the Nordic bow can be acquired in a number of easy ways. 

Furthermore, you can randomly get it from chests, and the chance for that to happen is high. Alternatively, the player can choose to craft the bow. It is an easy-to-craft item as it only requires 3 Steel Ingots and 1 Quicksilver Ingot.

The most common place to get the Nordic bow is Skaal Village. You can even steal the bow from here if you want it as soon as possible. There is nothing else to say about it. It is a decent choice at the beginning of the game, and you should consider using it if you come across it.


  • Damage: 13
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 580 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be crafted or found randomly in chests.

14. Firiniel’s End

firiniel's bow guide where to get and how to use
Firiniel’s End | Image provided by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
13 12 785 0.687 Refined Moonstone Elven

What we have here is one of the most stylish and effective bows in the early game of Skyrim. Most players disregard it and use something else because they don’t know about the full potential of Firiniel’s End. The low base damage of 13 is the only thing that stands out as a high negative, but it makes up for it in other aspects.

Moreover, Firiniel’s End deals 20 Frost damage. Now, Skyrim veterans know that Frost is a highly significant special effect as it decreases the enemy’s stamina alongside the heath. The best part is that it also slows down enemies due to its freezing nature, which can help an archer land shots more accurately. 

Getting the bow is also easy for the most part. You can get it from the balcony, which faces the main yard in the “Bound Until Death” quest. You can also get some Elven arrows lying beside it, and if you so wish, you can use the bow to complete the quest. 


  • Damage: 13
  • Special Effects: Deals 20 Frost damage.
  • Selling Value: 662 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be acquired from the “Bound Until Death” quest.

13. Gauldur Blackbow

gaulder blackbow recommended level and guide
The Gaulder Blackbow | Image captured by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
14 18 530 0.875 Steel Ingot Dwarven

The Gauldur Blackbow is a level-dependent drop. What that means is that the level of the bow will depend on the level that the player had when they completed the quest. You can choose to do the quest at your own leisure.

The main critical difference between all the variants of the Gaulder Blackbow is how much Magicka the bow can absorb. The very best version of the bow drops if the player is at least level 36, which absorbs 30 Magicka and has a base damage of 14. 

Players should also keep in mind that the lower-level variant of the bow also has a significantly low base damage of 8. Once again, the choice is yours, but we highly recommend that you at least get the level 19 variant so that the base damage doesn’t suck.


  • Damage: 14
  • Special Effects: It can absorb Magicka.
  • Selling Value: 972 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be obtained during the quest titled “Forbidden Legend.” 

12. Drainspell Bow

One of the coolest looking bows in the game, the Drainspell bow | was Captured by us at eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
14 6 458 0.875 N/A None

Next up, we have the Drainspell bow, which is perhaps the coolest-looking bow in the game. It truly feels like you are using a magical bow when using this thing. While it is a beautiful-looking weapon, what makes us place it so low on our best bows in the Skyrim guide is its low base damage of 14. 

Moreover, Similar to the Gauldur Blackbow, the Dranspell bow also absorbs Magicka, which can prove to be very deadly against mages. Both bows are very similar to each other, and while the higher-level variant of the Gaulder Blackbow is superior, we have placed the Drainspell bow higher due to its unique appearance. 


  • Damage: 14
  • Special Effects: Absorbs 15 Magicka.
  • Selling Value: 277 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be obtained during the quest “The Staff of Magnus.”

11. Falmer Supple Bow

falmer bow vs falmer supple bow guide
The Supple variant of the Falmer bow | Image from us
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
12 15 135 0.75 Chaurus Chitin None

The regular variant of the Falmer bow is mediocre due to its low damage, but the Supple variant ups the base damage a lot and sets it at 15. It does not have any special status effect, and that is why most players simply never use it when they have better bows. 

The main reason why the Falmer Supple bow made our list is how easily it can be acquired. Also, while it might not seem like much but the base damage of 15, with a well-placed shot, can be devastating to most early-game enemies. 


  • Damage: 15
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 410 Coins.
  • How To Get: The best way to obtain it is by looting Falmer Shadowmasters or Falmer Gloomlurkers.

10. Glass Bow Of The Stag Prince

glass prince bow archer
The Glass Bow of Stag Prince | Image from eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
16 14 375 0.625 Refined Malachite Glass

What we have here is another Dragonborn DLC-exclusive weapon. As you can tell by the name, it is a variant of the regular Glass bow, which is also one of the best mid-game bows in Skyrim. We recommend you try out the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince, as it is a one-of-a-kind unique bow. 

While the base damage of 16 isn’t anything special, what makes the bow shine is its special effect. For every 20 animals you kill, you will receive a Blessing if the Stag Prince. You can get a maximum of 4 blessings for killing 80 animals in total.

With every blessing that the player gets, their health and stamina increase by 5. It is a great bow that you should try out and have fun with in your free time, even if you have stronger weapons.


  • Damage: 16
  • Special Effects: Blessing of the Stag Prince received by killing animals.
  • Selling Value: 375 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be bought from Falas Selvayn in Ramshackle Trading Post.

9. Ebony Bow

ebony bow where to find
The Ebony Bow | Screenshot provided by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
17 16 1440 0.562 Ebony Ingot Ebony

Ebony Bow is among the best standard bows in the game, if not the very best. It has an excellent base damage of 17 and a good draw speed and fire rate.

It is a bow you should consider using after you have reached high mid-game levels, as it can start appearing in chests and random loot after the player has reached level 36 or above. If you are already finding other ebony loot, then you will surely come across the bow soon.

Furthermore, crafting it is also simple and easy as far as strong weapons are concerned. All the player needs are 3 Ebony Ingots alongside the Ebony Smithing perk. In our opinion, you shouldn’t craft the bow and just wait until you find it in random loot, as there are other great bows you can utilize until then. 


  • Damage: 17
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 1440 Coins.
  • How To Get: Can be looted from chests. 

8. Stalhrim Bow

Stalhrim bow guide complete how to get
The visual appearance of the Stalhrim bow | Image from us at eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
17 15 1800 0.5625 Stalhrim Ebon

Here we have, which is yet another bow that is exclusive to the Dragonborn DLC. Its base damage is just as much as Ebony Bow’s, as it sits on 17. What made us place it higher is its special effect, which will turn it into a significantly better version of Firiniel’s End. 

Acquiring it is also simple and convenient. Just make your way to the Skall Village and talk to Glover Mallory. Here you can get the Stalhrim bow, and in our opinion, it is a great choice as the more serious Frost damage will be deadly to a lot of your foes.


  • Damage: 17
  • Special Effects: Frost enchantments receive a 25 percent boost in power.
  • Selling Value: 1800 Coins.
  • How To Get: Get it from Glover Mallory in Skall Village.

7. Bow Of Shadows

new Skyrim anniversary edition weapon
The Bow of Shadows
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
19 18 2500 0.937 Ebony ingot N/A

What we have here is a beast of a weapon. It is part of the recently added content bundled with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition. You can get it for the other version, but you will have to pay for it through the Creation Club. A lot of players consider Bow of Shadows the very best bow in the game.

In addition, getting it is also very straightforward, as the quest rewards the player with the bow without any hassle. The bow is originally from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. So veteran fans of the franchise are delighted to have it back and be so valuable and deadly.

The 19 base damage is admittedly lower than some other options on our list, but what makes the Bow of Shadows insanely overpowered is its special effect. The only reason it isn’t ranked in the top 3 of our best bows in the Skyrim guide is because of its inaccessibility to most players. 

Going invisible is pretty much the most valuable skill for an archer. With the use of this, the players can maintain their distance at all times and shoot enemies down back to back. Another downside is the slow draw time, but it isn’t an issue since, most of the time, the enemies can’t even touch the player.


  • Damage: 19 
  • Special Effects: Whenever the player unholsters the bow, they turn invisible for 30 seconds. Also, the shooting speed of arrows is 20 percent faster.
  • Selling Value: None.
  • How To Get: Obtained after the completion of the quest “In The Shadows.”

6. Daedric Bow

Daedric bow wallpaper
The stellar-looking Deadric bow | Image from eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
19 18 2500 0.50 Ebony Ingot Daedric

One of our personal favorites is the Daedric bow. Wielding the beautiful weapon makes your character look like an ultimate badass master archer. It has excellent damage of 19, which can shred most enemies with a headshot. It is an early end-game weapon. What makes it even better is that it can be acquired easily.

Furthermore, similar to the ebony bow, which was mentioned early in our best bows in Skyrim guide, the Daedric Bow can randomly drop from loot when the player reaches a certain level. This time around, that level is 46.

It is a pretty common drop at that point, but if luck isn’t on your side, you can buy the bow instead. It can be bought from various merchants, but the most convenient and common one is Niranye at the Thieve’s Guild. 


  • Damage: 19
  • Special Effects: None
  • Selling Value: 2500 Coins.
  • How To Get: Random loot or can be bought from merchants like Niranye or Syndus.

5. Dragonborne Bow

dragonborne weapons guide
The Dragonborne bow | Captured by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
20 20 2725 0.75 Dragon Bone Dragon

Dragonborne weapons are some of the best in Skyrim, and the bow isn’t an exception. The main reason why one wouldn’t want the Dragonborne bow in their inventory is that it weighs a lot. It is a visually good-looking bow, though, and has a stellar damage of 20

Crafting one can be quite a hassle. Acquiring the bow is tedious. That’s why a lot of players just go with the other better options, which you can find out about as you continue reading our best bows in the Skyrim guide. To craft the Dragonborne bow, you will need an insanely high Smithing level which is 100, alongside the Dragon Armor perk.

In our opinion, the best and least tedious way to get the bow is if you loot it. Venture to Soul Cairn, and here you can fight a Keeper enemy and loot the bow from its body. 


  • Damage: 20
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 2725 Coins.
  • How To Get: The best way to get it is to craft it, or it can be looted.

4. Nightingale Bow

nightingale bow and armor guide how to get
Nightingale bow | Image by us
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
19 18 3405 0.50 Ebony Ingot None

Akin to the Gaulder Blackbow, you can get different variants of the Nightingale bow, which deal different amounts of damage depending on the player level and the bow variant they got. To get the best possible version that has the maximum power, do the Thieves Guild questline when you are at level 46 or beyond.

Moreover, it’s a brilliant weapon that will make sure that the enemies either stay dead or stay slow. The 30 Frost damage is insanely powerful, and it mixes that up with the severe 15 Shock damage. It is an excellent choice and is the very best bow in the eyes of many players. 

We advise you to stay clear of the Thieves Guild quest Blindsighted until you reach level 46. Otherwise, you will end up with a far inferior version of the bow. That version is still very strong, but if you are near the end game, it is worthless, so be sure to keep the level scaling in mind at all times.


  • Damage: 19
  • Special Effects: Deals 30 Frost & 15 Shock damage.
  • Selling Value: 2500 Coins.
  • How To Get: Complete the “Thieves Guild” quest “Blindsighted” after reaching level 46.

3. Karliah’s Bow

The strongest bow in the game is Karliah’s bow | Screenshot from eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
25 9 5 0.625 N/A None

There is no doubt that Karliah’s bow is the very best and strongest bow in the game. It has an insane damage of 25, which demolishes enemies back to back. The only sad part about all of it is that the bow can’t be acquired without the use of console commands.

The inaccessibility is the only reason why the bow isn’t at the number 1 spot on our guide. If you don’t consider using the console commands cheating, then it is a no-brainer as to why you shouldn’t get Karliah’s Bow. To be extra fair, you can get it during the end-game sections of Skyrim. 

Furthermore, to get it, open up the console by using the “`” key. Next, write “player.additem 000DEED8 1” and then press enter. Keep in mind that you need to write it without quotes. If done correctly, the player will now have Karliah’s bow in their inventory.

If, for some reason, the bow isn’t showing up in your inventory, then use the “player.placeatme 000DEED8 1” console command. Doing so will spawn the bow right in front of your character, and then you can go ahead and pick it up.


  • Damage: 25
  • Special Effects: None.
  • Selling Value: 5 Coins. (don’t sell it)
  • How To Get: You can’t get it without console commands. 

2. Auriel’s Bow

Auriel;s Bow guide complete exputer
The excellent Auriel’s bow | Image provided by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
13 11 1000 1.0 Refined Moonstone Elven

Auriel’s bow is potentially another contender for the best bow in Skyrim. It is an excellent weapon that shines through thanks to its remarkable effects. Dealing 10 Sun damage to enemies is very rewarding, and it does it in extreme amounts to the undead

The coolest thing about the bow is how it interacts with the sun depending on what kind of arrows the player shoots at it during the day. You don’t need strong companions when the sun is on your side. Auriel’s bow makes the player feel like a badass superhero. 

Best of all, it is a visually stellar-looking bow as well. There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t use it. It is one of our personal favorite bows in gaming.


  • Damage: 13
  • Special Effects: Deals 20 Sun damage in a single hit, and the Undead enemies get hit for triple times that.
  • Selling Value: 1000 Coins.
  • How To Get: Complete the quest called “Touching The Sky.”

1. Dwarven Blackbow Of Fate

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate complete guide online
The Dwarven Blackbow of Fate | Image by eXputer
Base Damage Weight Base Value (Gold) Speed Upgrade Perk
13 10 1446 0.750 Ebony Ingot Dwarven

Lastly, at number 1, we have the Dwarven Blackbow of Fate, which is, in our opinion, the most overpowered bow in the game. Its damage isn’t anything special. As a matter of fact, it is pretty pathetic when compared to other bows of its caliber, but the special status effect that it has makes it extremely strong.

The draw speed is fast, and you can shoot multiple arrows at an enemy, which can delete so many of their attributes quickly. It feels unfair to use the bow at times; It makes us feel bad for the enemies with how effectively and easily it demolishes them. 


  • Damage: 13
  • Special Effects: 50 percent chance to absorb 25 of Health, Stamina, or Magicka with each shot.
  • Selling Value: 1446 Coin.
  • How To Get: Can be found in Kagrumez.

Wrapping Up

The best bows have always been an active topic discussed in the Skyrim subreddit because of how fun and crazy they are. We hope you had fun reading through our guide. We made sure to provide you with all the details that are necessary. 

Even after more than a decade since its release Skyrim remains one of the greatest games of all time. With a 96 Metacritic score and over 200 Game of the Year awards to its name, there is no arguing that. 

There is just so much to do in the game. You can make some of the best Skyrim builds and use them alongside some of the best Skyrim mods and best Skyrim light armor. If you want more, consider checking out our guide on how to cure Vampirism in Skyrim guide or our 30 potential Skyrim wives guide.

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