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Titans Season 4, Episode 5, ‘Inside Man,’ Recap & Spoilers

The Titans have successfully evaded Mother Mayhem so far, but a sinister magic trick puts them on the defensive. Here’s a recap of the HBO Max series.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

During the last few episodes of titans, the heroes have done everything they can to keep Sebastian Sanger free from the clutches of a deadly cult led by the evil Mother Mayhem. After a harrowing battle against an undead army formed by Mayhem, the Titans were able to escape and regroup in Metropolis, but Conner Kent was seriously injured in the process. And with Mayhem delving into her paranormal abilities to track Sebastian down, the Titans are about to witness firsthand the full extent of her insidious powers.

As Rachel and Sebastian commiserate over their surprising connection as siblings at the STAR Labs safe house, the magical knife wound Conner sustained has festered and continues to affect his personality. A large snake infiltrates the safe house and nearly kills Tim Drake and Bernard Dowd, and Jinx deduces that it is a magical snake commanded by Mother Mayhem. The Titans split up to search the entire lab for the snake, with Conner staying behind to protect Rachel and Sebastian from the sinister cult.

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titans s4e5 night wing

The possessed Conner attempts to take Sebastian with him out of STAR Labs, but after Dick Grayson and Kory Anders discover the ruse, Jinx is able to subdue Conner through Superboy’s magical vulnerability. The Titans hold Conner at STAR Labs and search for a way to restore him to normal, only to discover that he carries the cursed serpent inside of him, and Jinx isn’t sure she can purge it. Kory leads Rachel and Sebastian down the road to get the latter away from Conner. He receives another message from his trainer Tamaran reminding him of his real destiny from the other end of the cosmos.

Gar decides to harness his animal powers like never before, transforming into a virus to enter Conner’s body and destroy the magical curse from within, reasoning that he can turn into any living form of DNA if he focuses hard enough. The bold strategy works, with the snake emerging from Conner’s body and Tim killing it before she can attack Bernard. In a private moment immediately afterward, Tim and Bernard finally admit their attraction to each other and enjoy a romantic interlude together among all the superpower chaos.

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titans s4e5 tim bernard

Kory’s coach presents her with a vision of a possible future where she and Dick raise their young daughter together in the company of the Titans only for disaster to strike when she remembers her horrible fate. The Trainer warns Kory that this vision will come true if she allows Sebastian to survive and become the predicted demonic enemy, but Kory rebuffs him. As if on cue, Mayhem shows up at the diner where the heroes are hiding out, having sacrificed one of their friends to gain stronger control of their powers, and seizes Sebastian after easily defeating Kory for a brief time. skirmish.

As Conner recovers from his supernatural ordeal, Gar is able to regain his humanoid form after much effort much to the visible joy and relief of his teammates. Mayhem carries Sebastian on his back to his cult’s hideout, where he is greeted by cheering masses jubilant that his prophesied leader has finally joined them. In a place where he finally feels like he belongs, Sebastian can’t help but smile as he meets his ardent supporters, hinting at his sinister future as titans Season 4 is nearing its halfway point.

Developed for television by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti, Titans releases new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

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