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Titans Reveals Raven and Brother Blood’s Surprising Connection

HBO Max’s Titans has made a big reveal about the upcoming villain, Brother Blood. He is not just a villain, but Raven’s half-brother.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 4, “Super Super Mart,” now streaming on HBO Max.

titans has never stopped making big changes from its source material, and the series has done it again. A lot of history was shown about Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, including that she is his biological mother. More shocking than that, though, was that Brother Blood, aka Sebastian Blood, is also Raven’s half-brother and Trigon’s son. He is the son of a dark prophecy, and his presence in Metropolis will be nothing but trouble for the Titans and their friends at STAR Labs.

In the comics, Sebastian became Brother Blood by murdering his father while he was still young. This was a prerequisite for becoming the leader of the Church of Blood. titans has changed that and replaced patricide with a deeper conspiracy surrounding Trigon and Raven. Much of the first season focused on Raven and her father. The Titans thought he was defeated and his followers scattered. However, it looks like Mother Mayhem is bringing them back, except this time Raven won’t lead the way, her brother will.

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Brother Blood and his mother Mayhem

Titans Brother Blood Joseph Morgan

Season 4, Episode 4, “Super Super Mart,” found out a lot about Brother Blood and his mother, between fights with a resurrected Deathstroke and rehashes of old plotlines. Mother Mayhem was chosen to become Trigon’s girlfriend, just like Rachel’s mother. She loved Trigon with an undying devotion and wanted to serve him and his prophecies. However, when her child was born, she was a boy. She was filled with rage when “The Organization” decided to kill her newborn child and locked her in a deep cell. But she continued to believe that her son, Sebastian, was a child of prophecy and would help fulfill Trigon’s wishes.

This is almost identical to Raven’s own origin story. Both children were protected from their dark fates by being removed from The Organization. It seems that the ending of their stories is the only thing that will be different. Raven chose to be better than what her fate intended for her. She “killed” her father and created a new destiny for her. Sebastian will probably end up being a villain. He will be consumed by his inheritance and will want to bring darkness into the world, just like his father. He is truly the anti-Raven, and it turns out that he is her brother.

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What fate will Brother Blood choose?

Raven is currently free of Trigon’s influence because Mother Mayhem stole her power. It is clear that she intends to give that power to her son in the service of Trigon. Brother Blood will be faced with the same choice Raven made in season 1: give in to the darkness or defy it. Unfortunately, it seems much more likely that Brother Blood won’t choose the noble path like Raven did. He can give in to the darkness and allow Trigon to return to the world. this will give you titans a chance at redemption after the misstep of using Trigon in the season 2 opener.

Brother Blood and Raven being siblings is a convenient twist of fate. Their stories coincide and are two sides of the same coin. Both are children of a dark prophecy, but while one has chosen to dedicate himself to helping people, the other seems to be inclined to create pain and suffering. It will be interesting to see if Raven can take on her own family and stop the destruction of the world again.

New episodes of Titans air Thursdays on HBO Max.

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