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Titans May Have Explained Beast Boy’s Hulk Problem

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 1 Episode 4, “Super Super Mart,” now streaming on HBO Max.

One of the most intriguing aspects of titans Season 4 is the dilemma that Gar has. His Beast Boy powers are not stable, and hints emerge that he may well be a prophesied destroyer. He revealed it when he took Raven to visions of her, indicating that Gar is imprisoned in the Red. In the process, it seems that a “blood moon” that Mother Mayhem is watching will be the catalyst for turning Gar evil.

This has Gar as cautious as ever, worried if he really is destined to usher in an apocalypse. After all, he’s already lost control as the Hulk and destroyed a part of Star Labs. Interestingly, thanks to a key piece of information from Mother Mayhem’s backstory, the reason for Gar’s trouble might have been revealed.

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Titans’ Mother Mayhem can be an elemental appropriator

In flashbacks, Mayhem is seen years before joining the Temple of Azarath cult, working in an office. However, she displays witch powers, repairing a printer and bringing a plant back to life without lifting a finger. Granted, she eventually loses her temper at work and causes chaos. She reiterates that May has enormous power, which is why Trigon’s cult recruits her.

The rebirth of the plant, however, is more revealing, as it indicates that May can harness Green, or the essence of life. This connects to the elemental force that the Swamp Thing is noted for in the comics. But since DC has a Mother Mayhem that could hold on to this force, the series could be creating a fusion of the villain, who has the ability to mess with Gar.

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Titans’ Mother Mayhem could be a spin on Sonya Tarinka

Mother Mayhem Titans Season 4 Episode 2

Whereas May from the comics was just running the blood cult and looking for disciples for Trigon, the Renaissance was had the mantle taken up by Dr. Sonya Tarinka, a physicist. He studied cosmic forces like Green and Red, trying to understand more about the connection of life with humans and plants in the former, and animals in the latter. The main objective of him was to dissect more about the ultimate energy source: the energy of the Source Wall.

In the process, Sonya personally married Red, leading her to manipulate animals and corrupt Beast Boy. She became the most powerful Mother Mayhem ever, turning him into a raging monster. Fortunately, the heroes were able to take her down and save Gar. However, Season 4 suggests that May is a remixed version of Sonya, which would make sense since she already has a window into Beast Boy’s mind to blow out. Seeing Trigon pass through Gar’s mind and give him dark nightmares in Season 1, May, as Trigon’s acolyte and one of his wives on Earth, was able to easily harness the power of Azarath and her own mystical powers to bond, not only with Green, but with Red.

This would allow May to mess with Gar’s mind, plant false prophecies and voices, and manipulate him, similar to how she manipulates zombies like Deathstroke. Such an address gives him an inner man, worrying Raven. Ultimately, this turns May into a devious mastermind, while also giving her a hold on Beast Boy that a depowered Raven would have to work hard to break, that is, if she finds out the truth. Above all, it would tie right in to why Mayhem continues to amaze fans with his abilities, coming off as much more terrifying and intimidating than the source material.

New episodes of Titans air Thursdays on HBO Max.

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