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Titans’ Latest Mother Mayhem Trick Could Endanger Superman

Titans Season 4 allows Mother Mayhem to control a key character, giving her a possible way to take over Superman’s mind in the HBO Max series.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Mother Mayhem is living up to its name during titans Season 4. He’s wreaking havoc on Dick Grayson’s team, which is already in enough trouble due to Beast Boy’s issues with The Red and Raven losing her powers. The chaos is making it easy for Mayhem to approach his son Sebastian and turn him into the supervillain Brother Blood.

In titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man”, Mayhem had something else up its sleeve: the brainwashing of Conner Kent/Superboy, whom it had infected in the previous episode. The Titans were finally able to save Conner from the clutches of Mother Mayhem. But the development could potentially lead to Mayhem setting her sights on Superman.

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Titans’ Mother Mayhem Might Have Learned Superman’s Identity

Mother Mayhem Titans Season 4 Episode 2

In Season 4 Episode 4, “Super Super Mart”, Zombie Deathstroke injured Conner and allowed Mayhem a magical way to possess him. During “Inside Man”, he attempts to kill the Titans in the STAR Labs, and through a combination of science and magic, they eliminate his presence. But it is unknown if Mayhem discovered other secrets while she controlled his mind.

It’s plausible that she investigated Conner’s memories, which would have led her to discover his fears and insecurities about being Superman’s son. If she did that, Mayhem may have found out that the Man of Steel is actually Clark Kent. She already killed her other father, Lex Luthor, so it would be organic if titans he had his target Superman in the rest of season 4.

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The chaos of the mother of the titans could turn Superman into a weapon, or kill him

DC Comics Injustice Superman with Glowing Red Eyes

titans Fans have been clamoring for a Superman appearance for quite some time. But with Henry Cavill back as Superman and Tyler Hoechlin playing the hero in superman and lois, the HBO Max series might want a shorter Superman arc, or at least a different one. If Mother Mayhem took control of Superman in a Injustice-story style, that would be the ultimate test for the Titans. More importantly, going up against an evil Superman would have a huge effect on Conner.

Or if the series wanted to continue its recent shocking trend, Mother Mayhem could hunt down Clark and attack him and his loved ones. Since Superman is vulnerable to magic, there is no guarantee that he will win. Conner already feels guilty about Lex’s death, so if he finds a dying Superman, it will make him even more sorry and defeat him himself. He too would have to decide if he wanted to succeed Clark. titans it’s a show where surprises prevail, and Mother Mayhem wreaking havoc with or on Superman would make her the scariest mastermind on the show.

Titans premieres new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

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