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Titans Confirms a Major Swamp Thing Connection

The latest episode of Titans season 4 confirms that a plot point introduced earlier in the season is tied to the mythos of the Swamp Thing.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” just confirmed a major connection between the Swamp Thing and Gar Logan/Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

Gar’s ties to Swamp Thing lore are revealed during a scene where he discusses his recent visions with Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar). Jinx explains that the crimson-drenched desert Gar glimpsed is called “The Red” and is known by magic users like her as a place of tremendous power and mystery. In titansSource material for DC Comics, The Red is a mystical force that unites all animal life on the planet. First appeared in 1988 animal man #1 and serves as one of several elemental counterparts to Swamp Thing’s plant-oriented cosmic field, The Green.

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titans first hinted at Beast Boy sharing his comic book counterpart’s connection to The Red in Season 4, Episode 1, “Lex Luthor”. Here, Gar comes face to face with the mystical force after losing control of his shapeshifting powers while trying on his new costume. Gar then regains consciousness of his environment only to find out that he wrecked his environment while looking at The Red. In the comics, animal-oriented characters like Gar are not only able to tap into The Red, but also derive their abilities from it. of the. It is implied that The Red is also the source of Gar’s shapeshifting in titans continuity, however this has yet to be explicitly confirmed.

Titans Season 4 Name Drops Constantine

Beast Boy’s conversation with Jinx isn’t the only reference to Swamp Thing in “Inside Man”. One of Avatar of the Green’s frequent associates, John Constantine”, is also mentioned in the episode. This marks the second instance of titans Constantine’s name, as the occult detective and con artist was previously mentioned in Episode 3, “Jinx”. Constantine’s name is spoken during a conversation between Jinx and Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) in which the pair discuss their history together.

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Greetings to Constantine dovetail with the general emphasis on the supernatural in titans Season 4, thanks in part to the magical machinations of Franka Potente’s Mother Mayhem. The formidable supervillain has thus far used her mystical powers for various nefarious purposes, including resurrecting the Titans’ nemesis Deathstroke as a zombie. The arrival of Zombie Deathstroke had immediate repercussions for the team, as the undead mercenary’s attack exposed Conner Kent/Superboy’s vulnerability to magic.

new episodes of titans Season 4 arrives on HBO Max on Wednesdays.

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