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Titans’ Biggest Enemy Isn’t Mother Mayhem, It’s the Writing

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

The biggest threat to DC’s first adult superhero show, currently on HBO Max, isn’t Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, or Lex Luthor. No, the biggest enemy he faces titans are the writing and storytelling options of the past. With Warner Bros. Discovery out for blood, does this show have what it takes to survive its second merger with Warner Bros.?

titans began as the first original series for the fledgling streaming service DC Universe, launching when parent company Time Warner became WarnerMedia. While the streaming service didn’t survive, the shows were still not canceled at the time (RIP swamp thing) made the jump to HBO Max. titans He has faced his setbacks. The season one finale was abandoned, ending with the cliffhanger of the penultimate episode. Then it took another full season for Nightwing’s fan-favorite alter ego Dick Grayson to show up in costume. In season 3, the final third of the season was marred by unnecessary escalation and illogical character choices. Season 4, so far, may be the year to break that pattern.

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Titans tries to balance the line between adult action drama and comic book nonsense

now halfway titans‘ season four, Superboy is infected with a magical snake that can kill him. To save him, Beast Boy transforms into a virus who has to kill the infection before re-materializing as a human. In print, that sounds like an excruciatingly dumb plot. However, in the context of Kryptonians, magic, and superheroes, it’s a pretty straightforward story that fits within the (loose) logic of this world. The Titans make a plan, execute it, and it works. There’s character development and tension, including a side story between Raven and her demonic half-brother. That’s good television, right there.

Early in the season, there’s a moment where Dick looks at a children’s book with eerily accurate portrayals of the Titans being slain in gruesome ways. He dismisses it as just a fairy tale despite all the clear evidence of magic around it. Starfire’s new “fate” this season is one of those arcs that cause concern. At the magical Elko Diner, newcomer Zadira talks about predestination. Then immediately after stopping her from killing Sebastian, Mother Mayhem just shows up and captures him. Raven, now powerless, and Starfire, unfamiliar with her “new” powers, can do nothing to stop them. Starfire’s newfound powers and his resistance to this supposed fate are unexplored at best.

Why all of this is happening and how Zadira countered Mother Mayhem’s magic is never revealed nor are the questions asked by the characters. Despite how cleverly titansThe storytellers of Season 4 have woven the show’s comics and lore around its villains, this is a series that isn’t afraid to simply brush off story elements by hand. If they can hit the landing? titans Season 4 will be the highlight of the series. Given the current climate on HBO Max, a show has to be perfect (and then some) to survive.

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Titans Past Storytelling Missteps Undermine Fantastic Seasons

Titans Season 4 Team Image

Season 3 of the series was its first on HBO Max, and it came with a new retelling of The Red Hood’s story. The subject of comics, animated films and games, titans he reinvigorated the story, making decisions that other storytellers had not made. the titansBruce Wayne’s version immediately kills the Joker after Jason’s death. So when The Red Hood came back to life, his problem was not with his adoptive father but with his adoptive brother. He made the story that much more moving. Then Jason told all the family secrets to the imprisoned Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow. He uses this information to turn the city against the Titans, accusing them of all sorts of crimes.

Dick Grayson suggests that all of the Titans turn themselves in to the Gotham Police Department in disguise. Then the very public group of superheroes would “bail out” and “work from the shadows.” Although Barbara Gordon is the new commissioner, neither of them seemed to remember that to charge them with a crime, Dick would have to reveal his secret identity. This then goes further off the rails with Dick acting out of character and ultimately ending up dead. Still, even with these final episode blunders, it’s still one of the best takes on The Red Hood story. And, even when the story doesn’t quite make sense, titans it’s always entertaining.

titans is a charming series that defies the odds since its debut in 2018. The cast is perfect. The costumes and effects are spectacular, even more so considering the budgetary limitations of television. Most importantly, fans connect with these characters and their stories. Alone with the new weather at Warner Bros. Discovery, titans you have no more room for “bad typing” errors.

Titans premieres new episodes Thursday on HBO Max.

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