Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Tips, Tricks & Strategies for New Players

sonic frontierswhen it was announced in December 2021, it was enthusiastically received by fans around the world. borders was designed to be a change from the usual formula of sonic games, as this game was going to be an open world adventure, as opposed to the usual linear gameplay of the franchise.

Once the game was released on November 8, 2022, it received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Regardless, both experienced sonic Fans and new players alike flock to Sega’s newest adventure. Here are some tips to get new players up to speed.

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Explore and unlock the map

seeing as borders It is an open area game, the most important initial task for any player is to unlock as much of the map as quickly as possible. This not only leads to new collectibles, enemies, and items, but also allows the player to understand just how expansive the new world can be.

However, don’t be overwhelmed by the size. The estimated length of sonic frontiers it is around 20-30 hours in total, with a game file size of 10-30 GB. Compared to other open world games released in 2022, such as elden ringaccumulating 60 GB — borders it is a much more digestible size map, especially for beginners.

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Grow Sonic’s stats as fast as possible

sonic frontiers speed

Everyone knows Sonic for his trademark catchphrase: “Gotta go fast!” However, for those new to the franchise, Sonic has stats that need to be monitored and maintained to keep up with his speed. Players must try to upgrade Sonic’s speed stat to 99, as high as possible, as quickly as possible. After all, that will be the tool that players will use most frequently throughout the game. To expand Sonic’s stats, look for Kocos – small creatures that are scattered around the game map.

Collect Vault Keys and Memory Tokens

An image of Sonic talking to a hologram of Tails in a scene from Sonic Frontiers

Sonic can collect numerous items throughout borders, but none are more important than Vault Keys and Memory Tokens. Memory tokens can be found throughout the game world by exploring. Once enough are collected, Sonic can use them to free his friends from the cyber cages. These friends include Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and several more unique characters. Accessing Memory Tokens allows for further gameplay progression, side quests, and dialogue options with different characters.

Vault Keys, on the other hand, give the player access to Chaos Emeralds. These keys can be located by completing a cyberspace stage, which is located on the Starfall Islands. Once a vault is opened and Sonic retrieves a Chaos Emerald, the player can progress through the story within the game. If the player is successful with Big the Cat’s fishing minigame, they can also purchase Vault Keys and Memory Tokens through Big’s shop.

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Keep fishing and earning tokens

Sonic catches a fish in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic fans will probably remember fishing with Big the Cat in sonic adventure dx. However, fishing with him in borders it is much more enjoyable and requires much less time. Sonic can use purple coins, shown with a purple fishhook at the top of the screen, to fish. By fishing alongside Big, the player earns Treasure Tokens, which can then be spent at Big’s shop. Players can trade them in for items like Memory Tokens, Portal Gear, and the Chaos Emerald Vault Key to name a few.

collect everything you can

Sonic Frontiers Vault Keys

Every collectible that is available in borders it has its own special purpose. While Memory Tokens and Vault Keys are the most important for advancing the story, items like Gold Cards, Treasure Tokens, Egg Notes, and more are useful ways to expand the game universe and experience more gameplay. Egg Memos (recordings Eggman has made) allow the player to better understand Eggman’s evil plans and actions. Treasure Tokens and Gold Cards can be sold or exchanged for upgrades or other items to help players progress through the game.

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