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Tim Drake Finally Has His First [SPOILER]

Titans season four has seen Tim Drake slowly develop into a hero in his own right, but the latest episode finally gave him something he’s been missing.

The following contains major spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 5, “Inside Man,” now streaming on HBO Max.

The last episode of titans it fulfilled a promise to Tim Drake aka Robin who taunts the young hero throughout season 4.

Over the course of the fifth episode, Tim and his crush, Bernard, spent a lot of time together monitoring survival footage at STAR Labs as the team tried to protect Sebastian from Mother Mayhem. After confronting a giant snake that entered the lab after Connor threw it away at the end of Episode 4, another cursed snake chases Bernard as Superboy breaks free of the curse on him. Tim manages to kill him with his bo staff, and the two share a look. Later, while they talk, they share a tender moment and kiss for the first time.

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titans introduced Bernard in the first episode of the season as a researcher and director of STAR Labs. He becomes something of a Lucius Fox to the Titans, providing them with new suits, gadgets, weapons, and a modified trailer to drive in. Almost immediately, he and Tim seemed to hit it off, with the latter wanting to text him. photos of him posing with the new bo staff shortly after the meeting. They met in other episodes, mainly while Tim was training with his new staff at STAR Labs with Bernard and Connor.

The fifth episode saw them become much closer, as they had multiple candidness about Tim’s slow-developing abilities as a hero. Although Tim felt depressed and mistrusted, Bernard insisted on believing in him. The kiss came as the culmination of a heavily comic book-inspired arc, in which Bernard appears as Robin’s love interest.

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The story of Robin and Bernard in the comics

Robin’s romance with Bernard began with their introduction story in Batman: Urban Legends #6, written by Meghan Fitzmartin with art by BelĂ©n Ortega and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque. The comic sees Tim come to terms with his developing feelings for his friend Bernard after the latter is kidnapped. With Bernard’s life hanging in the balance, Robin realizes that he feels more for his friend than he thought.

titans it even subtly acknowledges the comics by honoring the writer behind Robin’s coming out. Bernard’s last name in the comics is Dowd, but titans changed it to Fitzmartin. This pays tribute to Meghan Fitzmartin, who wrote the love story of Robin and Bernard.

Episodes 1-5 of titans Season 4 is already available on HBO Man, along with seasons 1-3.

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