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Thunderbolt Ross Doesn’t Deserve To Be President in the MCU

The next Ray will bring together heroes, villains, and anti-heroes into one team, but will feature its likely namesake in returning character Thunderbolt Ross. This time, however, he will be played by veteran actor Harrison Ford after the passing of William Hurt. While reprising Ross with Ford adds a lot of star power, the supposed new direction for the character doesn’t make any sense.

The rumors say that Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross to become president in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the time of Captain America: New World Order Y Ray. This major update is not deserved, as Ross has been portrayed as nothing if not ineffective in the MCU. Failing to stop the Hulk and also push through the controversial Sokovia Accords, Ross’s losses far outweigh his victories. Therefore, anyone who supports his presidential candidacy is incredibly questionable.

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Thunderbolt Ross has never been competent in the MCU

The MCU version of Thunderbolt Ross debuted in 2008The incredible Hulk, where, as usual, he was portrayed as obsessed with capturing Bruce Banner/Hulk. That only results in Emil Blonsky becoming the Abomination, who only the Hulk could defeat. This irony is seen in Ross’s own disappointment, with a post-credits scene showing the general drowning his sorrow in a bar when he meets Tony Stark.

In the moment of Captain America: Civil War, retired from the military and became Secretary of State, pushing through the Sokovia Accords to hold The Avengers accountable to the United Nations. This decision is incredibly controversial amongst the team and fractures Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Accords are quietly removed when Thanos and his army invade, and after his use of the Infinity Gauntlet, it becomes moot. So, Ross has to immediately bow the knee to The Avengers when Earth is in danger.

That shows how pathetic Ross was at times, and his goals usually made a fool of him. Though he was meant to give her nuance and make him seem like a well-meaning adversary, it instead proved ultimately ineffective, especially for a man of his rank. Ross becoming President of the United States would be a prime example of how he lost his way to the top, and his greatest legacy from him was creating monsters and not protecting the American people.

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Despite Harrison Ford, Thunderbolt Ross Shouldn’t Become MCU President

harrison ford rays red helmet general ross

How much of a role Ross still has in the MCU is questionable. the lack of solo Helmet The movies saw him become more of an Avengers antagonist, albeit a bureaucratic loser. Now his biggest enemy and the man he saw as a major threat to the country is a father who wears a Hawaiian shirt, and even his cousin with similar powers is more prankster lawyer than public menace. There’s really no reason for the character to have returned, especially after Hurt’s death.

Potentially making him president feels like a forced way to get Ross back into a big role and justify his refounding with Ford. After all, Ford has become known for playing fictional presidents in movies before, making him a new entry into the trend. Still, that doesn’t mean Ross makes sense as president. If anything, a character like Don Cheadle’s War Machine would be a better fit for the role, especially since both his military and superhero careers are successful. However, it seems that Marvel is determined to give Ross a bigger presence, and whether he becomes the Red Hulk or not, he will apparently be counting on the White House.

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