This Starfield mod finally lets you skip the boring intro of the game.



Highlights of the story

  • A new Starfield mode lets you skip the game’s intro and start directly from other major areas.
  • The mod is still in very early development and has a lot of room for improvement.
  • More changes may be possible when Starfield’s Creation Kit tools arrive in 2024.

Just two weeks later of Starfield Launch, it’s not hard to see why the modding community is loving the game so much. It has already been made. Bethesda’s biggest launch ever. But of course, like any of the company’s games, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Players had the biggest problem with Starfield. An introduction to his vast world.

Alternate start for Starfield There’s a mod that aims to change exactly that. It is inspired by one of the best. Skyrim mood ever, Alternate Beginnings – Live Another Life. It allowed you to start your epic journey in Tamriel from places other than this famous dragon attack. Similarly, Alternate Start for Starfield lets players choose from a bunch of new starting points based on the unique. Background inspired by Starfield.

For example, if you choose the starting point of Beast Hunter, You will start your journey from the city alone.. Similarly, Cyber ​​Runner ports directly to Neon. While some players may prefer the original starting point of the game, the mode is definitely worth considering for repeat playthroughs. And that’s not all. gave The mod also plans to add new starting points. For the four major factions of the game in the future.

The mode allows players to change their starting locations based on their character's background.
The mode allows players to change their starting locations based on their character’s background. (Source: SpaceDov4)

Also, regardless of which background players choose, they will still have the Vasco and Frontier ships. Returning an artifact in your inventory to Constellation will also be your active quest. Players who want Jump straight into the main campaign. Go to New Atlantis. But if that’s more your style, there are plenty of opportunities to roleplay and do sidequests.

While the mod is a very fun experience, it’s worth noting that it’s currently in a. Very early condition. Basically, players are downloading a bunch of save files, which contain pre-made characters without any traits. Then, with the help of Starfield console commands, you have to select the traits you want and customize your appearance. It needs a lot of work to make it a complete experience.

But considering how fast the modding community works, the creator of Alternate Start, SpaceDov4, or someone else is likely to tweak things and make improvements. These changes may occur once. Complete tools of the Starfield Creation Kit Drop sometime in 2024. Also, there’s another reason this mod may be gaining traction. Unlike Skyrim, where players are recommended to do a normal playthrough once, Starfield is completely different..

Many have noted this. The introduction is quite disappointing., is significantly weaker than many other Bethesda RPGs in the past. Having the opportunity to start directly from some of the better opening areas the game has to offer can help make the experience even better. Engaging for players.

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