This Baldur’s Gate 3 mod lets you know when your teammates want to chat.



Highlights of the story

  • The Camp Event Notification mode adds a floating exclamation point above your character’s head.
  • This is displayed when there are any pending Camp Night events available.
  • While the mod is a big step up from the game’s default system, it still has some kinks that need ironing out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 features an interesting cast of characters that players can choose to befriend, flirt with, or outright kill. Most of the story development for these companions takes place in your camp. Camp Night Events. But the game doesn’t inform you when these will be available. Thus, players may miss out on important companion moments just because of this. They are not getting enough rest in camp..

Luckily, Camp Event Notifications, a new mod from Kvalyr solves this problem. Mod checks regularly to see if any camp night programs are available. In such a case, it notifies you by adding an exclamation mark to your character. This is exactly what it looks like when your partner wants to say something to you. However, instead of talking to any teammate to trigger the event, you only need to do one. Long rest.

Your character will now have an exclamation mark to indicate pending camp events.
Your character will now have an exclamation mark to indicate pending camp events.

Additionally, the mod’s creator went into depth on how Baldur’s Gate 3 handles. Peer conversation And pillow talk. Turns out, that every time you go for a long rest in the game, it chooses an event to play. It is usually chosen based on a. Priority system. And so, other events are sent further back to the queue because only one event can trigger per long rest.

Since most players aren’t likely to take long consecutive rests at one time, they won’t be able to see the rest of Camp Night’s events play out. Especially since the game, by default, has none. Information system To notify you that there is another event that requires your attention. It’s still a bit of a pain to take more than one long break to see all your partner chats. But at least now you won’t miss any important dialogue.

That said, while the functionality is great, the UI elements that use the mod still leave a lot to be desired. gave Big exclamation mark What appears on your character doesn’t end until you take a long rest. And sometimes you don’t want to leave your current one. adventure Only to go to camp to find that Astarion wants another taste of your blood. A less intrusive alternative would be a great addition, offering the best of both worlds.

Lauren Studios may add its own notification system in the future. Something great is happening with the studio Recent hotfixes and patches. So, it is not completely out of the question. Also, the fact that players are installing mods to make sure they don’t miss even the smallest part of Baldur’s Gate 3 is a testament to that. What a great game this is..

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