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The Wonder’s Biggest Hero Is Sister Michael

The following contains spoilers for Netflix’s The Wonder and a discussion of sexual assault.

Lately, when Florence Pugh is affiliated with movies, it is safe to say that she is cast as the main heroine who will save the day and bring the plot home. It’s been evident since her masterclass in horror. midsummer, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe now casting her as the new Black Widow. This, of course, has fans as eager as ever for her return as Yelena Belova in the Ray movie.

But outside of Marvel Studios, Pugh is seen as a badass in general, with do not worry honey positioning her as someone determined to break a toxic patriarchy. Simply put, her stock is off the chart, which is why so many are soaking up her heartwarming performance as Lib on Netflix. The wonder. However, while it appears that Lib, an English doctor trying to save a girl from starvation, is the hero of the story, Lib’s endgame is actually aided by a silent angel in the background.

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Wonder has Lib on the run with Anna

In the 19th century, Lib has to determine why Anna can survive four months without food. She is doing research together with Sister Michael, which leads to a battle between science and religion, as Michael and the Irish people think that Anna is a teenage miracle and a martyr in the making. Unfortunately, Anna has been sexually abused, and her family tells her that this quick and eventual death will be a cleansing sacrifice for all.

He leads Lib to sedate her with an IV, burn down the house, kidnap the teenager, and make her believe that she has been reborn and atoneed in a sacred well. He has her journalist friend Will hide the girl while Lib goes to court. With no evidence of foul play and the parish seeking to clear themselves of any crime, Lib is released, who escapes to Australia with Will and Anna under new identities to finish the film.

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Wonder’s surprise hero is Sister Michael

Netflix's The Wonder Reveals Anna Was Groomed By Her Brother

However, when Michael and Lib meet after closing the case, the nun admits that she left mass early that night. While Anna’s religious extremist family was still at the church, Michael saw Lib’s actions, as well as Will escaping with the boy on horseback. Surprisingly, she doesn’t raise the alarm or scoff afterward, opting instead to call Will an “angel”. She just wants to know if the girl is in a better place, which Lib admits before leaving town.

This is important because the nun and Lib never got along. Lib, after all, lost her baby and her husband abandoned her, not to mention that she saw many dead infirmaries during the war. Therefore, she had no faith and did not believe in religion. But Michael knows this is not what God would have wanted, discovering how the family was using Anna to fake martyrdom and repent of her sins. Ultimately, she is the one who allows Lib’s plan to unfold, believing that the young woman’s safety is part of her higher calling.

See how Sister Michael is an unsung hero in The Wonder, now streaming on Netflix.

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