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The Walking Dead’s Future Looks Different After Series Finale

The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” which debuted Sunday, November 20 on AMC.

The Walking Dead he ended his run at AMC after 12 years, but the franchise continues in earnest. what future Living Dead series will look like it is an open question. With all the history of the flagship series and spin-offs already out there, anything is possible.

When The Walking Dead released in 2010, AMC’s Greatest Hits were Crazy men Y Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead survived the breaking bad cleave Better call Saul, which also ended in 2022. However, a significant portion of the show’s initial viewership dropped after season 5. When fan-favorite characters came to an end, especially Glenn Rhee, fans tuned out. They were replaced by new viewers who found the show through streaming and liked the zombie thrills. To remain successful and interesting, the franchise must continue to evolve so that it can appeal to both groups.

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The Walking Dead can’t stay too long in fear and despair

In both The Walking Dead Y fear of the walking dead, fans saw the characters they loved become more hopeless. The two shows are thematically the same. First, the characters had to survive the walkers, then they had to survive the other survivors. And when the storytellers began to explore a world where society was trying to rebuild itself, both shows regained some of the spirit they lost in those early seasons. That is proof that viewers will stay in the dark times if the characters head towards the light.

The Walking Dead he took one of the biggest villains in the series and turned him into a character that a lot of people love. Some will never forgive Negan for what he did to Glenn, but his arc to become more than just a villain was truly impressive. He also subtly shifted the show’s focus from survival to what it means to have a life. Any good zombie show needs two things: zombies and something to bust their heads off. But to last a dozen years and continue as a franchise, the story needs more than that. As long as there are walkers, there will be that story element. For The Walking Dead to become a true universe, it must be filled with unique and dynamic stories.

Welcome to the intentionally ephemeral. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond was mixed, with only a 33 percent audience in rotten tomatoes. Some of that criticism stemmed from the fact that it was a very different version of a Living Dead spectacle of what the spectators expected. Zombies were a deadly danger, but surviving them wasn’t what drove the story. But its new characters and the reveal of the larger world were exactly what the franchise needed. AMC should have introduced the series after answered the Rick Grimes mystery.

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The Walking Dead Universe can’t leave the main cast, but it must

the world of the undead beyond crm

With The Walking Dead finished, all shows to come feature well-known characters. Negan and Maggie travel to New York on The Walking Dead: Dead City. There is a Daryl Dixon series in France. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers planned a trilogy of Rick Grimes films to bring The Walking Dead to theaters, but now Rick and Michonne’s love story will be a TV series. That’s a good plan, because it gives viewers familiar characters to establish these unfamiliar places.

To compare it with Star WarsRick and Michonne’s show can be like Disney+ Obi Wan Kenobi series: a feat of nostalgia and tradition. The Daryl series is a bit like Boba Fett’s book– Features a fan-favorite protagonist, but also expands the world and introduces new characters. The Negan and Maggie Show Could Be Andor: something tonally different and risky, focused on character and theme. None of this is certain, of course, but these are clear pathways for viewers to move in new directions and reach a place where they can say goodbye to their favorite characters… again. New heroes and stories can then be introduced organically.

For 12 years, The Walking Dead made it entertaining to watch the world fall apart and put back together. For the franchise to continue, it must move outward and forward. A world where zombies exist but are a manageable social problem? That is a world that could sustain generations of stories.

The Walking Dead series finale is currently airing on AMC+.

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