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The Walking Dead’s Finale Was a Sendoff for Rosita

The following contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” which premiered Sunday, November 20 on AMC.

The latest episodes of The Walking Dead were marketed as a major event that brought 11 seasons of zombie-filled conflict to a dramatic conclusion. Before the finale, fans needed to know if Judith Grimes would survive and how Daryl Dixon and company would topple Pamela Milton’s tyrannical regime. Fans got answers to both questions, but the ending still disappointed viewers because the rest seemed predetermined.

Because AMC insisted on announcing multiple spin-offs before the TWD finale, fans already knew the fate of certain characters. Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan criticized the network for spoiling the conclusion of the hit series. But while season 11, episode 24, “Rest In Peace” may not have been the massive finale fans were hoping for, it worked perfectly as a final bow for Christian Serratos’ character, Rosita Espinosa.

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How Rosita Espinosa grew up on The Walking Dead

Rosita Espinosa first appeared in The Walking Dead Season 4, episode 10, “Inmates.” She and Abraham Ford were going to take Eugene Porter to Washington, DC to find a cure for the walker outbreak. Of course, that ended up being a fake mission, and Rosita subsequently joined Rick Grimes’ group. From the beginning, Rosita was a no-nonsense character. She even made an attempt on Negan’s life in season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating.”

Rosita was clear that the prospect of death never frightened her. In season 6, episode 7, “Notice”, he told Eugene, “Dying is simple. Everything just stops. You’re dead. People around you dying, that’s the hard part. Because you keep living knowing they’re gone.” , and you’re still here. What you should be afraid of is living knowing that you didn’t do everything you could to keep them here.”

That attitude towards wasted life was the reason why he grew so much as a character in The Walking Deadthe last seasons. Without Michonne, Rosita became the main female character and was willing to do anything for the group, especially her son. When she needed to save Coco from walkers in the Commonwealth, she stopped for nothing, even after being bitten.

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How Rosita’s sacrifice defined The Walking Dead

Weather The Walking DeadRosita’s ending may have been a disappointment to some fans, Rosita’s fate was symbolic. In an interview with, TWD Director Greg Nicotero revealed that actor Christian Serratos proposed death to Rosita. He recalled her saying, “Look, I really want something big for Rosita… I want her to be heroic, I want to save the kids. I want to do something that leaves a legacy for my character.”

“Rest In Peace” is about characters making sacrifices so others can have a future. That was also one of the biggest themes of the entire series. All the heroes strove to provide a future for their loved ones, instead of worrying about themselves. The way Rosita was willing to give her life for her child was an embodiment of The walking Dead core message.

By dying the selfless way she did, Rosita accounted for all other significant deaths for 11 seasons. She established a legacy for herself and set an example for those around her. While the ending may not have been a complete conclusion, it was a perfect way to say goodbye to one of The Walking DeadThe best characters of

The Walking Dead series finale is now airing on AMC+.

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